“At a news conference during which he was harshly lectured by the prime minister of Japan, President Barack Obama extended his “sincerest condolences and deepest regrets” for what he termed a “tragedy” in Okinawa, with a former U.S. Marine suspected in the killing of a young Japanese woman.”

The Marine is Kenneth Shinzato, so he’s obviously a Japanese-American. The Japs do have a low crime rate, ours is about 4 times as high. That doesn’t excuse the Jap Prime Minister from giving our President a bunch of crap over the actions of some Marine. The Jap PM went on to claim that this killing was the only thing they discussed, which is a lie, they talked about a wide variety of issues.

The Japs are pissed off too that when Obama visits their memorial of our nuking them, that Obama won’t apologize for our dropping the bombs on those barbaric assholes.

What that yapping from the Jap PM is really about, is that they don’t like us having our troops stationed on Jap territory any more. Well, too bad, they murdered 3000 of us on Oahu, and pulled us into a war with them that cost us and the rest of the world literally MILLIONS of lives and vast destruction. The Japs can apologize forever and it still won’t be enough to make up for their crimes. So if they suffer a little extra crime at the hands of our soldiers once in awhile, I think that’s just a good reminder that they LOST.

The Japs are notoriously arrogant, in fact their most sacred national shrine, the Yasukuni Shrine, venerates the worst of the Japanese war criminals. Their national shame is not in the horrible crimes they committed, but in having lost the war. There’s no guilt for all the misery and devastation that resulted from their insanity, only shame that they failed to conquer the world and had to surrender.

Obama visiting Hiroshima is seen by the Japs as an American apology for World War II and the bombs, as if we started it instead of them. Maybe they want us to apologize for beating them as well. I know that our piece of shit President bowed all the way down to his waist level to the goddam Jap emperor, there’s a picture of it that I’m too disgusted to post here. Looking at it makes me want to vomit.

With all the negative stuff going on, the only real positive note, on a national scale anyway, is that we finally have a decent candidate for President. We all need to find the silver lining in those dark clouds overhead.

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