Ann Coulter has surmised, using a genuinely brilliant path of logic and assumption, that Hillary Clinton will not be the Democrat nominee for President after all, and neither will that Communist Bernie Sanders. She posits that Joe Biden will end up as the Dem. nominee.

Well, all very interesting as a theory, but not very likely, right? Maybe not right. It’s become very apparent that Bill O’Reilly on Fox News only says what he’s told to say by Rupert Murdoch, and tonight he’s saying that Hillary’s in a lot of trouble over her private email server mess, and may be indicted for her violations of Federal laws. Exactly as Ann Coulter was saying.

It’s dawning on the Democrats that Donald Trump is going to win the coming election, as Hillary’s popularity continues to decline along with her perceived trustworthiness, and they’re looking for someone else who stands a chance of beating Trump. A lot of Democrats are going over to Donald Trump because they dislike Hillary so much, and Trump’s following in his own party is huge.

Right now there’s several documentaries gaining popularity and viewers regarding the Clinton family and their connections to a great deal of suspicious and illegal actions, while Bill Clinton is being exposed as a rapist and very possibly a pedophile because of his close association with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and his many trips on Epstein’s private jet. The jet was dubbed the “Lolita Express” because Epstein always had it loaded up with underage girls who were there for sex. Epstein, a billionaire, is currently in prison for having sex with a minor and child pornography. Bill Clinton’s been accused by various women of raping them, and he’s a known sex hound.

The ugliness that has overtaken the Presidency of our nation is mind-boggling. Look at the creature we have as President now, a man of dubious national origin, a homosexual with a transsexual man for a “wife”, a person who’s doing his damndest to force us to teach our children to think that gender is “fluid”. He’s insane, the people he’s surrounded himself with are insane, and many of our elected representatives are also.

It’s a mess, and no less of one than the rest of the world is in. Every nation on Earth is in trouble and unrest is everywhere. Stay tuned.

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