I just got this SCAM email from Nigeria. Can you tell that the writer needs remedial English? I could sure use all that non-existent money, but I just can’t locate my non-existent greed and cupidity that I need to go for this offer that reeks of rotting fish guts. What a loss. Oh well, there’s always another one. One thing I do have is patience.


I hope you’re fine and well ? This email would get to you as a surprise since we have never met before. I apologize for contacting you through this medium which has already been polluted with unsolicited offers making it extremely difficult for genuine messages to be recognized. I got your impressive contact details through a missionary’s file online and after much prayers, I decided to contact you directly for my humanitarian support assignment and I hope you would be of help.

My name is Elizabeth Burton, I am a retired orthopaedic nurse. I was diagnosed of lungs cancer a couple of years ago in a private hospital in Germany shortly after the death of my husband: Engr. Allen J. Burton. He was a former oil contractor with Shell Oil Producing Company in Saudi Arabia. We were married for over 35years with only one child ( A sickle Cell Anaemia patient ) whom we lost to health related crisis long time ago.

My deceased husband and I had prepared a blueprint for establishing a foundation that would be directed towards helping Sickle Cell patients and the needy in our society. This plan was still at the incubation stage before the sickness that claimed my husband’s life and now left me in this debilitating state. My doctors had told me that my chances of survival is absolutely uncertain due to end stage of my ailment.

My late husband had nominated me by WILL as a successor in title to his estate and I have been touched by God to donate substantial part of my inherited fund for charity projects rather than allow my greedy relatives use it for their selfish interest after my death.

I had decided to advance the sum of US$2,500,000 ( Two Million Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars ) for humanitarian support projects through you for redistribution to the less privileged ones. My giving intention has been a natural attitude in adherence to scriptural guidance and I would want it to continue and be remembered for it posthumously.

Due to my ill health, I would not be able to answer telephone calls and I would not want my relatives know about this donation, otherwise they would go against it having mismanaged previous financial advancement I made through them.

I had made an amendment to my WILL ( A CODICIL ) which is presently in care of the Probate Registry Unit and a copy of this vital document has been filed with my bank’s legal department for execution on my behalf. Once you respond positively, I would link you up with my fund manager at my bank for the transfer of donated fund into your designated bank account.

I wish you all the best and may the good Lord be with you always. Please make use of my donated fund for the purpose specified and always extend the good work to others.

Thanks and God bless you.


Mrs Elizabeth Burton.

One Response to “HOW CAN I PASS THIS UP?”

  1. x says:

    This is clearly genuine! What an old cynic you are!

    PS I have this fantastic investment opportunity. Send me $300,000 and I will soon be sending you back at least twice that sum.