Nazi is an abbreviation in German for Nationalsozialist, which means National Socialist in English. The National Socialist Party.

Breitbart News reports that “Bernie Sanders supporters have spent months publicly planning events with the expressed purpose of clashing with law enforcement and staging a violent disruption at the Democratic National Convention and more than 1,500 people have accepted invitations to the “9.9 million person march” to “occupy the convention, it would mean a shutdown of the city for 2 days and the most massive protest since the revolutionary war.” with the result that the DNC is going to set up a perimeter “no-climb” wall around the facility. This, of course, is getting some hoots of derision considering the Democrats opposition to Trumps wall.

The real issue here is that Sanders does have millions of young people rallied behind him, they’re violent, they’re getting steadily more violent, they plan on actually attacking the Democratic Convention in far greater numbers than they’ve attacked Trump rallies, and Sanders is a Socialist. A Socialist who can get these people to engage in civil disorder on a large scale just as another National Socialist did back in the 1930’s.

So is that The Plan? That it’s Sanders supporters who will give Obama the excuse to declare Martial Law? Sanders gave Hillary an easy ride to the nomination, he never really attacked her for her criminal behavior as he could have, and should have if he were really serious about wanting to be President. Now that there’s no chance of him being nominated he still won’t drop out, instead he’s fomenting more anger, rage, hostility and trouble for not just Trump and the Republicans but for his own party as well.

This is exactly what Hitler did.

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