When the Attorney General, a person appointed to that position by Barack Obama himself, holds a private meeting with the husband of Hillary Clinton, and Obama does NOTHING, the obvious corruption of our Presidency is too much to bear.

Hillary Clinton is under FBI investigation for using a private email server to send and receive Classified, Secret documents that directly affect our national security, and it is the Attorney General who decides whether or not to prosecute people who violate Federal laws. The fact that the FBI has yet to say whether she has violated laws or not, after all this time, speaks very poorly of the FBI, but the fact that the Attorney General herself is having secret discussions with Bill Clinton is absolutely beyond the pale. At the very least she must recuse herself and appoint a Special Prosecutor to deal with any recommendation from the FBI to prosecute Hillary Clinton, and she’s refused to do this. Therefor, President Obama MUST fire her and appoint a new Attorney General. Yet he’s said and done nothing.

This is Dereliction of Duty, grounds for impeachment. This isn’t the first time he’s been guilty of this, but this is far and away the most blatant, and if our Congress does not move to impeach over this incredibly obscene disregard for law, not one of them deserves to be re-elected.


  1. Black Sheep says:

    Mohamad Magid. I hadn’t heard of him until now, thanks for the info. I looked him up, and you’re right, Obama has given him a high position in his administration. I can hardly wait until Obama and that freak he sleeps with aren’t stinking up our White House any longer.