Blacksheep • 1 minute ago

No, BLM is not a hate america group. They’re far worse. Someone commented here during Ferguson that it was a practice run, and it was. No whites, alone or militias, came charging in, whites gave them no reason to attack us. So now it’s dead white cops in Dallas. Riots and marches all over. Still no armed white intervention, BLM is failing to start a national race war, AND THAT is what they’re about. Not “hate America”, DESTROY America.

James Murphy • 22 minutes ago

Black Lives Matter is in fact Obama’s own private army. Like Hitler’s Brown Shirt thugs before them, they even have the equivalent of a Horst Wessel anthem: “Pigs In a Blanket.” Those who have the fortitude to call this organization what it really is, a terrorist organization, are going to face the full and furious retribution from Obama’s (In)justice Department and America’s version of the KGB, that is, the FBI. Better be careful what you say about these people (Sarah and Rush take note). In a few years if not sooner, a lot of them will be wearing fancy uniforms supervising a nationalized combined state, county, and local police force, directly responsible to Mr. President and Mr President alone. After all, we are in a national emergency that calls for extraordinary measures by America’s “beloved leader.” As he would say, “Folks are demanding action. OKey-doke, make-my-day policemen have to be either disarmed or re-educated.”


SirRuncibleSpoon James Murphy • a few seconds ago

He did say he wanted such a force as an antidote to standard police, didn’t he? You’re right: he’s got one! Black Panthers are the tip of his spear.

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