Most people are thinking that Donald Trump is not going to allow any of the Syrian refugees into the USA, and they’re wrong because they don’t understand the kind of person he really is.

Trump has a streak of kindness running through him for the underdog. I don’t understand why that is, because he’s never been an underdog in his life and how he came to have sympathy for unfortunate people is sure a mystery to me. But he does, and he’s shown it over and over and over again.

We are going to get thousands of Syrian refugees brought into our country, the thing is, they’re not going to be all young Muslim males like Obama kept importing. There may not be a Muslim among them, in fact. The refugees Trump will bring in are going to be all those Christian men, women, old people and children that Obama has kept out and ignored. You won’t see these people running around with turbans or burkas and turning sections of cities into No-Go zones. Instead they’ll become some of our best citizens, thrilled for this opportunity and supporting law and order. They’ll be a counter-force to the hate-mongering Muslims that Obama has so callously inflicted on us.

Watch and see. As for Saudi Arabia, I expect to see a sudden diminishing of their influence in our country and the world, as our oil production soars and keeps the price of oil low, and our economy growing. All those Dollars that have been flowing into Saudi banks for decades are going to flow into our own banks and become available for business and home loans right here, and to help rebuild our infrastructure.

I think Wall Street will end up going along with President Trump instead of fighting him. After all, what those sharks know best is how to take advantage of any situation, and Trump certainly is in favor of profit, he just wants that profit to stay here to build us up and make more profit. Which is really what the Moneyed Elite want too.

This is a lot like giving birth, there’s pain and danger and things can go wrong, but it comes with the promise of a fresh new future. A new start.

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  1. Olavo de Carvalho, Political Scientist:

    “A USA-Russia alliance, now an effective possibility, will be the largest political-military force the world has ever seen. The globalist elite, next to it, will be a monkey fart. I don’t know which course the things are going to take, but it’s OBVIOUS that Trump and Putin are thinking EXACTLY about it.”

  2. Black Sheep says:

    I’ve been saying that Trump and Putin would find common ground, or words to that effect. Whether we and Russia will actually become allies seems unlikely but you never know what’s coming next.


    Webster Hubbell


    Walter Hubbell
    Rebecca Hubbell Dietz
    Caroline Hubbell Yingling
    Kelley Hubbell
    Chelsea Clinton

  4. The Funniest Things are:

    1 — Bill Clinton f@#ed a lot of women. He hates blacks.

    2 — But his only child is from a black women; a black boy he refused to assume as his son.

    3 — His wife gave to him NO children.

    4 — But Hillary had an ugly stupid daughter, whose real father Webster Hubbell is an ugly nasty man, a corrupt politician who got investigated for WhiteWater Scandal and sent to JAIL.

    5 — Bill had to adopt Chelsea and pretend being his “real” father. Pretending for the rest of his life.

    6 — The Return of the Semen Stained Dress! In 2016, his wife Hillary lost a lot of votes of women and blacks and she lost the Presidential US Election, because his son Danney Williams-Clinton begged for Monica Lewinsky to allow him to conduct DNA testing from the notorious stain on her blue dress!

    WOW! Life’s a bitch. And Bill Clinton married a real nasty one.


    2017 promises the RECONSTRUCTION of Western Civilization!

  6. Black Sheep says:

    Maybe. See next post.

  7. in the name of Freedom, the armed Citizens must grab Fascists Rioters by their BALLS — and BROKE THEM!


    MUSLIMS Beat Popular TV Chef in Sweden – They Said He Looked Like Donald Trump

    Anders Vendel is a well-known “anti-racist”

    The Muslims broke his nose, bloodied his face and injured an eye.