The so-called News Media, more appropriately referred to as Propaganda, has a short attention span. This is entirely due to the fact that even though most of them are Globalists or Socialists, making money is still and always their primary function and telling new versions of the same old story every day loses readers. When people stop reading, advertising revenue stops. So as hard as they might pound a story for their political purposes, they have to move on to the next story, and the next, if they want to pay the bills.

The bogus story about Russia interfering in our elections is still rumbling away in the background, it doesn’t look like they’re letting go of that one for awhile yet, but the rest of us are tired of it and the MSM is fully aware that the longer they keep dragging it on, the less people look at it and the ads alongside it.

Likewise the story about Sarin gas and our missile attack. All gone. Now the story is N. Korea’s belligerence, terror attacks in France and their coming election, White House insider intrigue, and so forth, as the MSM keeps searching for something new to get people to read their stories and look at their ads.

One story that got very little press but a lot of blogger response was the firing, at last, of Bill O’Reilly from Fox News. I became disgusted with him years ago for being an egocentric, arrogant spin doctor and company puppet, and when he started attacking Donald Trump, that was the final straw. I’m glad that he was caught out for sexual harassment, his story is similar to that of Bill Cosby, the only difference is that I guess O’Reilly didn’t drug any women before forcing himself on them. Or so the story goes. Whatever, when he came on, I changed channels. Good riddance.

To me, the big story of the day is no longer that fake Sarin gas attack, it’s the Border Wall. President Trump says funding for the wall along with more money to hire more border patrolmen and immigration agents must be part of the massive spending bill Congress is preparing. The Democraps will sign off on it, I think, because Trump is making them an offer they can’t refuse, that the budget bill also includes money for cost-sharing payments to insurance companies that help low-income people afford health policies under the Affordable Care Act.

In other words, Trump will continue to support parts of the ACA, aka Obamacare, but only if the Democraps don’t try to stop funding for The Wall.

This explains to me, at least, (even if most people will never figure it out) why Trump hasn’t yet done things to totally disable the ACA. As long as it still exists he can use it to pressure the Democraps to give him what he wants in exchange for keeping it alive. Once that wall is built, the Dems better come up with something else they can withhold from Trump, otherwise THAT is when the ACA will end.

Trump may not play chess but he’d be a great chess player, he can hold a thousand moves in his mind and play them all out as future scenarios in order to find the best way to go. He looks not just at the present, but far more importantly, he looks way into the future where his actions will count the most and mean the most.

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