President Trump just posted a tweet that “This is the biggest witch hunt in history”, and he’s right. It isn’t just the Democrats spouting lies about him and making up false accusations, he has the RINOs in his own party doing the same thing.

In the forefront of this RINO onslaught are the usual suspects, John McCain and Lindsay Graham, but a few other Republicans, relative unknowns, are now claiming to be the first to have suggested impeachment. I’m afraid that the Democrat crazy black woman, Maxine Waters, beat them all to it. She’s been screaming for Trump’s impeachment since Inauguration Day, and hoping someone would find some thin excuse for it.

Now that Pres. Trump fired that worthless weasel Richard Comey from his job of running our FBI according to his personal dictates and in violation of law, Comey has claimed that he was asked by Pres. Trump to interfere with an investigation, without offering any proof of this. The claim is that he wrote this story down in some memo somewhere, but no one has produced this memo.

This is on top of the story concocted in some British tabloid months ago that Trump and Putin collaborated on the Russians interfering in our Presidential election to get Trump elected, with not a shred of proof of this ever being found after months of serious investigation.

The British actually have a saying for a mess of this sort, it’s “a tempest in a teapot”. A storm with no meaning or substance.

I am worried, though, that President Trump may be driven out of office on false charges. If there’s enough RINO Republican votes along with what will certainly be all the Democrats, it’s possible that he could be impeached while having done no wrong, and the Globalists will finish the destruction of America that they started.

I’m starting to fear for my country again. The Swamp is fighting back. I sure hope Pres. Trump and his team have prepared for this.


  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    This Is What Actual Racism Looks Like : Warning Graphic Content

  2. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    Olavo de Carvalho :

    The US economy is on the rise, unemployment is lowing, and the commission that will eliminate the main cause of US election corruption — the votes of illegal immigrants — has already started operating — endangering the very survival of the Democratic Party, which has never been so weak.

    The screaming for “impeachment” is pure propaganda, it is part of the desperate quest for a savior scandal, which is hard to find except on the pages of the NY Times and the Brazilian media.

    Trump’s alleged conspiracy with the Russians is 100% non-existent.

    Whoever passed on Wikileaks the compromising information against the Democratic Party — 44,000 e-mails — WAS NOT A RUSSIAN; it was an official of the Democratic National Directory himself: Seth Rich, who was then SHOT DEAD in what the police said was “a robbery”, a very strange assault in which the victim corpse STILL WAS HOLDING his wallet, watch clock and cell phone INTACTS.

    So far, while creating a devil’s baffle around two ANONYMOUS denunciations of the president, the FBI stubbornly refuses to examine the 44,000 e-mails — the only primary source evidence in all this trouble.

  3. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    Lew Perkins :

    (REPLIES THIS POST which I SHARED with the Trumpers)

    Well stated…you are correct..and it’s very troubling…if this unfolds patriots like myself will bring down the White House. may be the last thing we all do as one.We all should pay close attention to this, our country is under siege…thanks for your post friend. .stay vigilant!

  4. Black Sheep says:

    I know I’m not alone in my concerns, and we all need to keep reminding each other of the danger and not get complacent. So it’s good that you communicate with others on other blogs about this, and thank you for doing so.

  5. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    It’s a HONOR, sir!

  6. x says:

    It never occurs to the righteous lefty bastards that actions directed at leaders they don’t like do enormous damage to their own countries. Trump is not going to have the influence he should have, internally or abroad, or be able to make proper deals with other nations while there are doubts that he will remain in office. They are effectively putting US interests on hold.

    It’s the same here. Those damn EU remainers, with their legal challenges and other attempt to block us leaving or dilute the terms just weaken our PM’s case. The damn EU dictators love them.

  7. x says:

    PS It’s “A storm in a teapot”

    • Ernesto Ribeiro says:

      Olavo de Carvalho:

      All the talk about Trump’s impeachment came from a Washington Post report on secret information allegedly leaked by the president to the Russian ambassador. The information came, according to the paper, “a former federal employee who is close to senior management.”

      As noted by Daniel Greenfield, “This is an anonymous source citing other anonymous sources.” This is not journalism, it’s a joke.”

      Another alleged bump was that former FBI Director James Comey said he had been pressured by the president to stop investigations into General Michael T. Flynn. The indictment is indeed serious, but it turns out that on May 3, the same Comey, speaking UNDER SWEARING to the Congress, stated that NONE of this had happened.

      These are all the motives for impeachment presented so far: a JOKE and a PERJURY.

      Do you understand why the Democratic leadership, after stirring up the initial shouting, has already changed its mind?

  8. Black Sheep says:

    Aha. I was wondering why they seemed to be backing down some in the media. I’ve been doing a show in support of our rockhound club over at the area museum and am doing another today, so I’m a few days behind the times. I’ll try to catch up tonight if I’m not too tire, it’s going to be a hot desert day.

  9. Black Sheep says:

    Back from the show.
    Right, Tempest in a teapot is the American version. I Googled it.