What happens when a great sports player, a quarterback, a champion boxer, a race car driver, is accused by the nearest loser of cheating? First, some of the other losers join in and demand an investigation of the winner, they question people who know the winner, they review video tapes, they want tests and testimony.

But what if, while they’re in the middle of making all this outcry and claims of wrongdoing, what if this sports player ignores them and goes on to win more games or races or matches? Pretty soon, all those sore losers start to look pretty silly, and stupid. They start to look like nothing more than the sore losers they are.

President Trump has been steadily winning in spite of the players arrayed against him. Now, directly after meeting the Saudi Crown Prince in the White House, he has gone to Saudi Arabia and spoken to the combined assembly of 50 Islamic states and told them that we will protect ourselves first of all, and that they must deal with the problem of Islamic terrorism because it’s their countries that are producing it, and at the same time, has signed enormous trade deals that will dramatically strengthen them against their worst enemy, Iran.

What a clear message! We have the technology and we’ll sell it to you at fair prices to protect yourselves from the intentions of Iran, BUT, you have to start policing yourselves, you have to control your imams, you have to curb their terrorist rhetoric and return Islam to being peaceful. You have to rein in the terror attacks.

if any of them don’t, then they’ll be outside of this great umbrella of protection, but if they do, they get to take part in great trade deals and become more prosperous.

And there, right there, is the CALIPHATE that the terrorists claim to be fighting for. Saudi Arabia is the religious leader of all Sunni Islam nations, it’s the center of their world, and this is a call for them to finally unite. Who issued this call, in the name of true peace? President Donald Trump. He’s made it clear that if they stop ISIS, stop the call to violence, that we will stand behind Saudi Arabia and that Saudi Arabia will be their protector, and further, that prosperity will be their reward. A Caliphate of Islam, dependent on security and prosperity provided by trade with the United States.

The Saudis have been PRAISING Pres. Trump and his wife, welcoming this new relationship with America, and his next stop is Jerusalem where he’ll lay out his Israel-Palestinian peace plan. The Palestinian terrorists have been financially supported mostly by the Saudi Royal Family and other Saudi donors and logically this has to stop, as a condition of the arms deal with them, so Trump can make his peace plan work. The Saudis have much to gain and nothing to lose by agreeing to this, since their years of efforts to destroy the Jewish state haven’t worked anyway. Without support, with their backing gone, the terrorists of the Palestine Territory will have come to the table.

The timing may still not be right for Pres. Trump to move our embassy to Jerusalem, but when it is, he will, I have no doubt.

When someone keeps on winning because of their obvious ability, sooner or later the sore losers get tired of looking and sounding like jackasses, and stop trying to steal back a trophy they never earned. Even if they don’t have the sense to be embarrassed, most of them shut up when they realize everyone else has walked away from them. Winning is the simplest strategy in the world for silencing sore losers.

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