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Thursday, June 29th, 2017

Inflation, the devaluing of money, has been with us at least since the early Roman times. Back then, to raise more money for government purposes, Rome started making clad coins, with copper on the inside and a thin layer of silver on the outside, reducing the size of silver coins and reducing the silver content of the alloy in coins. This worked in the short term until it became known that the coins had been lessened in value, and then their trade value decreased accordingly.

Here in the USA, the value of a paper dollar was tied to the price of gold and silver, and paper money was called gold notes and silver notes. Our coins were all 90% silver and of a standard size. Then in 1964 our government quietly called in all the silver coins and in 1965 issued clad coins in their place that have no silver at all. We’d already been taken off the gold standard back in the 1930’s.

So now we have paper money whose only value is the credit rating our government has in the world market combined with the amount of dollars in circulation, and that number is steadily rising, resulting in a steady decrease in the value of dollars. To illustrate this, in 1957 the average wage in the U.S. was about $5000 a year. Today, 60 years later, the average wage is $57,000 a year. That makes a 1957 dollar worth the same as $11.40 today in wages. It would be nice if that were true, because the average car then cost $800 new and the average new car now costs $35,000, a person could feed themselves for a week for $10 in groceries and now it costs $300 a month for the same quality of food.

A nice new home in a good neighborhood was about $5000 or less. The same exact home today sells for $350,000 and up.

So wages are no longer a measure of inflation, because the truth is that in 60 years our dollar has LOST almost ALL of it’s value. A dollar today is worth around 1.7 cents compared to 60 years ago. Even so, the dollar is still the world’s primary money, because the US is the most stable and prosperous nation on Earth. People TRUST the dollar.

Good for them. I don’t trust it worth a crap, I’ve been watching it degrade for too many years and I know how unstable it actually is. Inflation makes a lot of rich people richer in the short term but it makes us all poorer in the long term.


Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

Obesity is on the rise worldwide. If you look at pictures of people on TV, anywhere, many of them are overweight. This wasn’t always the case and in fact, fat people were very much in the minority not too long ago. But now it’s common. Wonder why?

It’s because both vegetable and animal fat are much easier to grow or produce than protein. Take any farm animal, pigs are a good example, and feed them lean, protein rich food while giving them a lot of room to move around in, and their meat will be low fat and high protein. The problem with this is that as those pigs move around a lot, they burn off the fat as energy. A lot of that food they’re fed gets turned into energy, and that lowers the profit.

This is why pigs and chickens and other small meat animals are kept penned up with no room to move and fed cheap, low protein feed. Because they’re sold by weight, not by meat quality or protein levels. The cheaper it is to produce them and the fatter they are, the more profit there is to be made.

The same is true for grain and vegetables that are now engineered to have high starch and oil contents, and less actual food value. If your food isn’t supplying the nutrients your body needs, then your body wants to eat more, to get those nutrients.

The end result is that people are eating too much and getting lots of fats and starches but not enough nutrients, and the world is suffering from an obesity epidemic as the result.


Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

Over in Africa, the population is really growing throughout the whole continent, with the result that there’s more rich people and more poor people. In Nigeria, they expect 11 million more people to slip into poverty this year because of population growth. At the same time, there’s a widespread demolition of shanty towns going on to make room for new development, which is making hundreds of thousands of people homeless and making poverty worse.

The same thing is going on in Myanmar as people are forced off land that the government wants to develop. Likewise in Brazil and other countries. The world is running out of suitable living space for humans and governments want to get rid of the shacks and build high-rise apartments and shopping centers, to hold more people and generate more tax revenue.

For governments large and small, more people is good because that means more money, higher government wages and bigger government with more power over people. But for the people themselves, it means less living space, more poverty, more taxes, more oppression.

Even while the effort to cram more people into less space continues, a hundred different factions are all trying to dominate each other. Governments, political groups, gender groups, sexual preference groups, religious groups, cults, corporations, Internet dominance companies and more, all trying to rise to the peak of power, all doing battle in some way with all the others.

Meanwhile, our world ocean is becoming steadily depleted of fish to feed our steadily increasing population, and the farming of the ocean’s species is taking over the catching of wild fish as the market price of wild fish soars. Soon all the poor people will eat only farmed fish and only the wealthy elite will be able to afford real ocean fish. It wasn’t long ago that no one ever called ocean fish “Wild caught” but we do now, which tells you by itself that the fish are disappearing.

The quality of our food is steadily worsening as mass-producing farm methods develop and expand. For a long time now, chickens and cattle have been mass produced. The meat quality is worsening but it’s edible and people born today don’t know what good chicken and beef is really supposed to taste like.

What I see in the future for Mankind is a swarming mass of us covering the Earth, all of us living in poverty except for the well guarded Elite, who live in total luxury, and the only thing that finally ends this evolutionary disaster is a massive calamity, an extinction event like an asteroid strike, an unstoppable plague, the onset of an ice age, something in that order. By the time that happens, the only animals left, outside of some insects, will be cloned specimens in a few zoos because we’ll have taken over all the livable habitat.

So what the world needs now, or very soon, is some huge event to happen that focuses everyone’s minds on it. My personal preference is a polar shift. That’s when the Earth’s crust slips on its molten, liquid core. The North and South poles stay where they are in reference to the core but not to the crust, and in a short period of a few hours, the North Pole may end up where Hawaii is now, or something like that. Suddenly, the whole planet would be in complete turmoil because of one single event that had everyone’s attention. Everything would change.

You’re welcome for that cheerful little story, and you have a wonderful day, okay?


Monday, June 26th, 2017

Remember the last time Assad was accused of a gas attack, and it looked phony as hell? Like it never actually happened? We launched a bunch of missiles at Syrian jets but only destroyed some junkers, planes being stripped for parts. I said then that this was all staged, it was a setup. Now look:

Fox News reports: “The Trump administration said late Monday that it had discovered evidence that the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad could be planning another chemical weapons attack. “If, however, Mr. Assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons, he and his military will pay a heavy price.””

Really? There was no gas attack and there’s not going to be one now, this is all BULLSHIT. This is nothing more than a public-consumption response to Putin’s public-consumption threat about us not crossing the Euphrates River with our aircraft. He threatens us, we threaten him, neither of us intends to do anything at all but it keeps everyone else guessing.

(Obi Wan waving hand) Nothing to see here, move along.


Saturday, June 24th, 2017

Now that some time has gone by since that freighter rammed one of our destroyers, and reports on what happened here faded very quickly from the media with no explanation whatever of how this seemingly impossible event could have occurred, I feel it’s time to offer my take on it.

First, the complete silence from the Navy, our government and all the media about this is a flaming red flag by itself. Whenever everyone totally clams up, you know it’s a big story. The thing is, that destroyer is equipped with all the latest in radar detection gear, sonar gear, and every protection and warning device that currently exists in Naval technology. Something that big coming that close would have set off automatic alarms all over the bride. Klaxons would have been roaring and clanging and red lights flashing, the noise would have been deafening. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE that they didn’t know that freighter was on a collision course UNLESS…

Unless all their electronics were rendered non-functional.

That the freighter deliberately rammed them is beyond doubt. This was a purposeful collision. So who owns the freighter? The Japanese do. It’s been called a Philippine freighter, but it’s not. It simply registered to the Philippines. Many maritime ships register to a nation that gives them the biggest tax breaks, as the Philippines do.

The cargo of that freighter and it’s destination are supposed to be public record, yet for some reason they are not.

So here’s what I think. The freighter was carrying something equivalent to EMP gear, some new technology that either made it invisible to electronic detection or that prevented electrical apparatus from functioning, and this was tested on that destroyer because of it’s many capabilities of detection. This test was carried out as a secret joint operation by the U.S. Navy and the Japanese government.

They allowed the actual collision to occur because they wanted to see if any alarm would be raised at any time, and none ever was, making this a highly successful test. As for the dead sailors and the damage to the ship, that’s considered collateral damage, especially considering the huge value of a successful test of this new cyber-weapon.

So why use a freighter? Why not just have the ship’s gear tested with everyone aware of what was going on? Set up the new technology on a ship and approach the destroyer to see if it worked? Why set up a scenario that makes it all appear to be an accident, even if a really bizarre, unlikely one? Because no doubt it had already been tested extensively and now they wanted to see what happened under real conditions and besides, people talk, and with technology like this, you wouldn’t want any of those sailors to know about it. Further, you want to test it under extreme conditions and what’s more extreme than not being able to detect a ship twice as large and a third as fast as your own on a clear night?

I do kinda worry that one of these days, with one of my little sleuthing stories, like this one, I may end up with some guys in suits at my door, at best, or a sudden dirt nap at worst. But caution, unfortunately, has never been my best suit.


Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

The Chinese are about to celebrate their annual dog meat festival, with dog lovers all over the world pitching a huge bitch about it and wanting to stop them. The Chinese are pretty brutal about it, they build their dog inventory by grabbing up all the stray dogs they can find and stealing all the pets they can steal. Before killing them, some of them are severely beaten first to tenderize the meat. So yeah, this isn’t something they need to do. Otherwise, I care less what they eat. It would be good if they managed to kill their food with kindness though.

In the past few days alone, the following Pit Bull dog attacks have happened against small children, pets and adults:
A pit bull burst through a backyard fence, made its way into a nearby minivan and mauled two young children as they sat helplessly strapped into their car seats, police said. Several people managed to pull the dog off the children but not before they were seriously injured, with the little boy’s face being badly mangled.

Detroit — Eleven-year-old Monet Shaw was looking forward to her fifth-grade graduation ceremony and had just gotten her hair braided for the event when she was severely mauled in a pit bull attack. She nearly lost a foot and an arm in the Saturday incident. Now, she’s recovering after undergoing another surgery Tuesday.

A 17-year-old boy and his dog were fatally shot by deputies early Thursday morning after the pit bull attacked a deputy in Palmdale, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said.PALMDALE, Calif. (KABC)

WESTMINSTER, Colo. (CBS4)– One woman is hoping her dog will recover after an attack by a pit bull in an off-leash dog park.

A 90-year-old Virginia woman died after the family’s recently adopted 1-year-old pit bull attacked her in her bedroom.

2 Pit Bulls Attack Elderly Man, Kill His Little Dog In Lincoln Heights
A neighbor says he witnessed the pit bulls pulling apart a Pomeranian like a piece of cloth.

Pit Bull Attack In Van Nuys Leaves Victim Hospitalized, Dog Owner Barricaded
The victim was seriously injured and had many cuts and bite marks to his face.

Good Samaritan Helps Man Being Mauled By Pit Bulls
A 53-year-old man being mauled by pit bulls in his front yard Tuesday was fortunate to have a Good Samaritan come to his aid.

Police Shoot 3 Dogs, 1 Fatally, After Attack On Man In Pasadena
Pasadena police shot three dogs, one fatally, after the animals attacked a man Wednesday morning.

Girl, 10, Attacked By Pit Bull At Yucca Park In Indio
A 10-year-old girl was recovering Friday after being attacked by a pit bull in Indio earlier this week.

8-Year-Old Boy Making Miraculous Recovery After Near-Deadly Pit Bull Attack
An 8-year-old boy is making a miraculous recovery after he was mauled by two pit bull mixes in Corona last month.

Prosecutors: Owner Of Pit Bulls In Deadly Attack Knew Dogs Had Attacked Before
Prosecutors are suggesting the owner of a group of pit bulls that attacked and killed a woman knew that the animals were aggressive and dangerous, and that the animals had attacked several people and animals in the past.

Two Pit Bulls Captured After Allegedly Attacking, Killing Two Dogs Being Walked
Two Pit Bulls are being held at an animal shelter in San Pedro after witnesses said the animals attacked and killed two other dogs who were out for a walk with their owners.

Man, Service Dog Reportedly Attacked By Pit Bulls In West Hollywood
Authorities are looking for the owner of a pair of pit bulls that reportedly attacked a West Hollywood man and his service dog over the weekend.

San Jacinto Woman Relates Story Of Near Fatal Pit Bull Attack
“I really thought I was going to die that day,” said Bruna Secco, a resident of San Jacinto.

Police: Woman, 91, Was Mauled To Death By Her 2 Pit Bulls
Authorities say a 91-year-old woman who was found dead in her motel room was apparently mauled to death by her two pit bulls.

Murrieta Man, Dog Mauled By Neighbor’s Pit Bull
A Murrieta man and his dog were mauled by his neighbor’s pit bull mix on Tuesday.

Pit Bull dogs are the canine equivalent of the MS-13 gang, and we’re trying to get rid of all of them so why not those horrible, unpredictably vicious dogs?


Sunday, June 18th, 2017

“A college professor in Puerto Rico created a new mobile app to make a game out of stopping President Donald Trump’s border walls.”

I can see this coming. Can you? :

PHONE APP WARS! Republican and Democrat political hardcore types competing, writing games attacking each other, coming to your phone soon. Leftist apps, Rightist apps, games assaulting each other, Conservatives and Liberals blasting hell out of each other on virtual battlefields.

A “Build The Wall” app, an “Impeach Trump” app, a “Find The Leakers” app. The possibilities are endless.

Actually not a bad idea. Channel all the anger into political phone app games. All the hard core haters will become phone zombies tapping away at their phone screens and the rest of us get to avoid a possible civil war, or at least a period of stabbings and sniper attacks.

The thing is, people who play the Professors “Stop The Wall” may enjoy it, and if they do, they’ll feel like they’re actually doing something about the wall. When we give at the office we don’t feel like giving again at home, you know? Once the game player gets tired of the game, that person won’t care about the Wall anymore either.

As stupid as this sounds, it’s possible that Phone App Wars can pacify a lot of people who would otherwise be extremists, and bring at least a little calmness back to all of us.

This would make a good S.F. story for Xoggoth.


Sunday, June 18th, 2017

There’s only been two basic political parties in the USA for a very long time, the Republican and Democrat parties, but in the past few decades we’ve seen other parties spring up. Some have died out but others have survived or even grown. Some are more movements than parties, like the Tea Party, which fields candidates that run on the Republican ticket. The Green Party promotes environmental issues mostly while the Libertarian Party wants less government and more freedom. There’s others, like the Black Panthers Party, which promotes racism, hating white people, being black and free handouts from the government.

The Republican Party is the most conservative but has a lot of Liberals in it just the same, which causes it to be ineffective most of the time.
The Democrat Party has gone very far to the Left and is now Radical/Extremely Radical with actual elected members of Congress openly calling for the murder of our President. This may have happened before during the Civil War but I don’t think that’s ever happened since, until now.

This may seem ridiculous but I fully expect a Democrat congressman to physically assault a Republican one soon, even to the point of murder or attempted murder. This is how extreme they seem to be going, to me.

The problem with these Democrat Congressmen is that it’s becoming apparent that the majority of Americans who call themselves Democrats disagree with their radical behavior, and the more extreme things that they say and do, the more Democrat citizens leave the party. It’s starting to look very much like yet another party is going to form out of those abandoning the Democrat Party.

Not all those who leave the Democrats go over to the Republicans. Some do, but I see a growing group in America that doesn’t know which way to go, and many of them turning their back on American politics entirely. Because of Donald Trump being a Republican president, the Republican Party is gaining members while the Democrats are losing them, with most of the rest of Americans turning their backs on both sides.

The only people who vote in elections are the partisans, those who favor one certain party for no particular reason, and those who feel at least somewhat strongly about things. When more people favor the views of one party than the other, the strong one always wins, and if the Republican majority in Congress becomes large enough, it won’t matter that some of them are RINOs because their dissenting votes won’t be enough to make a difference any more. This is what I see happening, and as it happens, the Democrat extremists are going to become more radical and more extreme in response, ultimately destroying their own party.

So YES, I’m predicting the death of the Democrat Party, and as it dies, the RINOs are going to either get voted out, kicked out or align with the majority, and the majority will be Pro-America. The future looks rough, but looks good.


Thursday, June 15th, 2017

This is not a fad. It’s a deliberate, concerted and organized effort that’s not just national but international, to spread hatred toward President Trump and everyone and everything associated with President Trump.

The woman so-called comedian with the bloody head resembling Pres. Trump, the Shakespeare play depicting Pres. Trumps murder, the endless stream of vile, threatening hate speech and open threats against Pres. Trump and the White House, added to the verbal abuse and threats coming from some of the leaders of European nations that we used to call our allies, people we fought and died for, to protect them from German Nazi domination… This is not some sort of fad. This is plainly part of a deliberate plan. It’s just gotten too obvious not to see it for what it is.

I may be getting off-center here with my view of events, but some things just aren’t adding up. This Special Prosecutor, Meuller, clearly a Democrat operative, who is seeking to investigate everyone in the White House and cause as much obstruction as possible, can be fired by Pres. Trump at will, yet Trump does nothing. All the threats of violence against him and others are highly prosecutable offenses, and arresting these people would do a great deal to stifle the spread of hateful threats and rhetoric, yet he does nothing, and by doing nothing, the unrest in our nation grows, the anger spreads, the divisions increase.

The Left is taking full advantage of this lack of action against them to push harder than ever. The spewing of hatred, the threats, are steadily rising, and now some whacko has gone over the edge and shot a bunch of Republican politicians who were playing a baseball game. Has this woken up the Left to the danger of their behavior? In a way, yes, because they seem thrilled by this attack and have raised the level of hate speech even higher. Top Democrat politicians are cheering the attack and the only thing Pres. Trump has done to address it is to offer his condolences to the families and denounce the act in a speech.

What the hell? Does he want us to have another civil war? Is he waiting for the violence to get so widespread and out of hand that he can declare Martial Law, as the only way to effect the radical change that we need? There’s hints and clues I’ve been getting, nothing I can nail down, point to and say HERE, this proves it, but the feeling is growing. There’s a lot more to this than just political bickering, it’s too heavy, too widespread, too obviously contrived, controlled and orchestrated. This is a plot.

Donald Trump does not need this job. He does it for One Dollar a year and people need to remember that. He’s not a politician and he really doesn’t give a crap about the Republican Party, either. He took the Presidency to do a complete reset of America after Obama and the Globalists efforts to destroy our sovereignty as a nation. That’s his goal and that should be kept in mind at all times, and I do.

Which is why I start wondering when he doesn’t take certain obvious steps to stifle the Democrats and Globalists efforts, to arrest, prosecute and imprison the worst offenders, but instead just lets them run amok and continue to escalate their efforts to incite violence. It should make anyone wonder.

A bit back I posted “A Guessing Game” about the possible associations of a number of world events, and this may well be tied into them. I also refer you to this article on Breitbart, “Virgil, A Climate Of Violence”, that also is looking at possible civil war, and why.


Thursday, June 15th, 2017

The death of the party. That’s a play on words, in a way. The life of the party is an expression everyone knows, and the life has been sucked out of this one. It’s dead.

I’m talking about the Democrat Party. There was a time, and I was a part of it, when being a Democrat was a proud thing. We Democrats were the common people, the workers, the clerks and truck drivers, the miners and factory workers. We supported small government and low taxes, we supported helping each other and charitable causes, we obeyed the law and we believed in our government to do the right thing for America, we respected the office of the President and would never utter the foul curses that are hurled at that office today. We disagreed with Republicans but we never attacked them physically and we certainly never picked on their spouses and children.

I’m not a Democrat anymore. The charity we felt for the needy was turned into Food Stamps and other forms of welfare after the Civil Rights marches, riots, murders and trials ended. Black Americans became The Needy, they demanded and got lots of government giveaway programs. Thousands of business were bought out, financed for them by the Small Business Administration for them to run, and in almost every single case, the blacks took the money and let the businesses fall to ruin. The result of this was the massive collapse of the business districts in many American cities, and we Democrats looked at this and started turning away from the Democrat Party, because charity is one thing, and a good thing when it’s voluntarily and freely given, but when our tax money is taken from us and thrown away in a manner that hurts us all, that’s not charity, that’s stupidity.

The Democrat Party, feeling the loss of voting members, people like me, started buying votes by promoting themselves as the Free Stuff Party. Instead of holding strong as the party of the Common Man, they turned into the party of the indigent, the lazy, the blind, crippled and crazy, the illegal aliens, the undesirable and the unwanted. This is why they support the homosexuals, the “LGBTQ” crowd and keep shoving them into our faces. Anyone who’s outside the bounds of normalcy, anyone who doesn’t deserve to be a citizen, like the millions of illegal aliens they’ve enabled entry to, they embrace and feed, with the tax money of those of us who are against aiding them in any way.

When we start to fight back against this Socialist State, they attack. Violent riots, violent demonstrations, violent words, vicious slanders and slurs, legal assaults and illegal assaults. The latest one being the shooting of Republicans as they were playing a baseball game.

There are no reports of anyone claiming to be a Republican, or anyone simply angry with Democrats, who has attacked any Democrats. The evil and the violence is all coming from those leading the Democrat Party. The party of the walking dead, is what they’ve become to me, and like the Zombie movies popular right now, it’s turning into a very real war.


Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

Big item in the morning news is that Republican Rep. Scalise was shot by a sniper during a practice game with other republicans. The sniper was shot and wounded by Rep. Scalise’s security detail, and stated that he wanted to kill as many Republicans as possible.

Okay, reality check. This hate-filled shooter is a Democrat. Plainly. He was driven to try and kill Republicans by what? BY THE HATE BEING SPREAD IN THE LIBERAL/SOCIALIST MSM.

NOW IS THE TIME for President Trump and the Republican majority Congress to pass laws against spreading hate in the media and to enforce the laws we have now that cover inciting harm against members of government.

Now is the time to SHUT DOWN all the hate and bile spewing from the MSM by locking up anyone who does it. There are limits to Freedom of Speech, there always have been. We can’t use that freedom to cause harm, IT’S AGAINST THE LAW.

I hope our people in the White House recognize this opportunity and jump all over it.


Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

Otto Warmbier, the U.S. college student arrested, tried and imprisoned in North Korea for more than a year, and who is now in a coma, landed in his hometown of Cincinnati Tuesday night and he was rushed to a hospital for urgent medical treatment. He was thrown into a N. Korea prison for taking a piece of paper off of his hotel room wall, as a souvenir, and severely beaten. While the N. Koreans are plainly lying, the most likely cause of his being in a coma literally for the past year is that he has brain damage from the beating.

If ever there was a reason to inspire public outrage against North Korea, enough outrage to sanction blowing them up from one end to the other, this is the reason. Now is the time to strike, and if we hurry we can take out that faggot asshole Dennis Rodman while he’s still over there, too. Now’s our chance to rid the world of some serious scum.


Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

There are no facts showing that anyone anywhere in our government or any private party was involved with any Russian anywhere for the purpose of influencing our last Presidential election, for the benefit of either political party.

What there is, is Fake News. False stories that have all been disproved and comments, rumors and innuendo that have arisen from those false stories. Today, Attorney General Sessions was grilled for 2 hours by a large committee of senators from both parties over the fake story of “collusion” between the White House and Russia.

This is a waste of our tax money and a waste of time for everyone involved and the whole purpose of doing it is to interfere with and put pressure on the Trump Presidency, to make it as difficult as possible for Pres. Trump to function effectively.

The American Public is absolutely bored with it all. Neither the average Democrat voter nor the average Republican voter cares about any of this, and we’re all collectively burnt out on hearing about Russians over and over every single day. Not one thing came out of this verbal assault on Sessions, not one hint of wrongdoing, and yet the Socialist Media people are saying that he “impeded the investigation” without giving any reason for saying so.

Adolf Hitler once said that if you tell a big enough lie, everyone will believe it, and the MSM is doing their best to tell as many lies as they can in their effort to turn public opinion against Pres. Trump. Everyone doesn’t have to believe all their lies and many of us don’t, but a lot of Americans do, too. Those lies are having an effect.

I would personally like to see the MSM shut down. Surely it can be done, their broadcasting licenses are given out by the Federal Communications Commission, which falls under the purview of the President, and they’re fomenting dissension, a violation of licensing conditions. There’s other clear violations as well that are valid reasons for closing the offenders down. Something has to be done to turn the tide back our way, perhaps imprisoning the owners of these media for violations, or massive civil lawsuits. This war of innuendo has to be stopped. It has to be fought and we have to win it to save our country from takeover by the Socialist/Globalists.


Sunday, June 11th, 2017

The island of Puerto Rico has just held a majority vote in favor of statehood with the United States. This is being referred to as a “non-binding referendum” but sure as hell, it’s going to be the push that ends up with Puerto Rico as our 51st state.

Puerto Rico has been a United States possession since sometime in the 1800’s. I’d look it up if I thought it matters, which I don’t. Anyway, the people there are United States citizens the same as the rest of us. Anyone born in a US possession, like Guam for instance, is automatically a US citizen. The difference between possessions and states is that the states are required to respect our Constitution and Federal Law, they elect Senators and Representatives who have a say in our Congress. Possessions do not and are governed autonomously, much as if they were separate nations.

The Virgin Islands are possessions of ours, and are governed by criminals. The result is that they always have financial crises, because the people in charge are always ripping off the funds we provide to keep their infrastructure functioning. The last time I looked, raw sewage was running through the streets of the only city, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, because the governor, a convicted felon, kept taking the sewage treatment plant money for himself.

Fortunately, I seriously doubt that we will ever make the Virgin Islands a state. Puerto Rico is another matter. They’re always bankrupt, always needing bailouts, never seem to be able to manage their own affairs, and aren’t eligible for our government programs and handouts because they’re only a possession, so YEAH, you bet they want to become a state so they can all get on welfare and be one more burden on top of all the other burdens we have. Making Puerto Rico a state would be a whole lot like making Columbia or Guatemala a state, with the exception that at least the Puerto Ricans know what a flush toilet is.

They DO NOT LIKE US over there, I know for a personal fact. A lot of that has to do with the really shitty way our government has treated them, ever since we took them from Spain. Our greedy, thoughtless politicians made enemies out of them and treated their land like a dump.

One thing we can always count on from politicians. They always create problems that are left to their grandchildren to deal with. There’s never any accountability.


Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

Pakistan is still making A-bombs. Just because you never hear about their nuclear program anymore doesn’t mean they stopped. They caught a lot of hell years ago for selling nuclear secrets and technology, and I bet they sold some bombs as well. They may still be selling bombs, and I have a good idea who’s buying them.

Pakistan has the second-largest Sunni population in the world next to Saudi Arabia. The Saudis are scared to death of Iran, which hates them because Iran is all Shia, and Iran is close to having nukes. The Saudis most certainly have bought nukes from Pakistan, giving them a big leg up on Iran, and they’re probably still buying more nukes yet. The new, big arms deal with the USA turns out to not be so big, another clue that the Saudis are ready for Iran. In fact their biggest fear actually may be Israel, which everyone knows has a pile of nukes and the means of delivery.

I find this interesting because the arms sale was touted as a bigger deal than it turns out to be. The sale totals $25 billion, not $110 billion, meaning that the Saudis really don’t want or need all that much. The other $85 billion is in “futures”, agreements to maybe buy stuff later, maybe. But probably not.

Now ISIS is focusing on Iran and has launched their first major terror attack, and Iran is directly blaming Saudi Arabia for it. Things have been heating up between them and this adds fuel for a fire.
Trump put off moving our embassy to Jerusalem after making an arms deal with the Saudis, claiming that he wants to see a peace deal between Israel and the “Palestinians” that he and we all know will never happen. So that was bullshit, he did it either as part of the arms deal or something else is in the works.

The UN is jacking up the “Israeli occupation” rhetoric against Israel.
By pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, we can burn all the coal and oil we want. We’re producing steadily more of both, and this holds down the price of both, especially oil. This is bad for the Saudis, OPEC, Russia and other oil producing nations but good for us because we consume it.

No conclusions to all this stuff, just watching and thinking about it. The answers will come to me, hopefully before they start throwing nukes at each other rather than after.


Sunday, June 4th, 2017

Another string of terror attacks in London yesterday, and all the politicians are Making Statements and Going To Make Statements about This Terrible Thing and This Cannot Be Allowed, and We Must Stand Up To This.

Meanwhile, the Muslim mayor of London is telling everyone to “Not be alarmed” and that London is the safest city in the world, and rattles on about “OUR way of life”. “We stand together in the face of those who seek to harm us and destroy our way of life.” He’s a fucking MUSLIM, and he’s spouting off about “our way of life” while supporting everything Islamic, supporting the no-go neighborhood problem, blocking police from enforcing the law, covering up every time some fucking Muslime rapes a child. That’s what he calls “our way of life”, and the Brits voted this asshole in, overwhelmingly.

England is dying of complacency. Their guns were taken away from them long, long ago, they have no Freedom of Speech, their government is Socialist and controls everything, and they call themselves a Democracy? The Soviet Russians called themselves a Democracy because the people could vote. They could vote Yes. The Brits voted to leave the EU. They’re still in it. It took another 9 months after the Leave vote to trigger the actual beginning of leaving. Who the hell knows if they’ll ever really do it or if the politicians will just stay in? No one does. That’s not Democracy.

Geert Wilders made a statement that matters, out of the pile of empty, wasted air from all the others, when he said plainly that “London, Manchester, Berlin, Nice, Paris etc it will all happen again and again until we acknowledge that Islam is the problem and fight back”. And for that he’ll very likely be prosecuted again, for “inciting religious hatred”.

The Muslimes shoot, stab, run over with trucks and blow up the people of Europe at will. They do this to terrorize the people into submission to Islam, to force them to become Muslimes so they won’t be attacked. The response of their leaders is to make speeches about how awful the attacks are.

The speeches mean nothing. What has meaning is fighting back. Instead, the people are advised by their leaders to “Run and hide.” What the people need to do is arm themselves. Swords, knives, clubs, pepper spray, a squirt gun full of ammonia, tasers. The speeches are worthless, it’s time for serious action.


Saturday, June 3rd, 2017

This is Arabic script for FUCK ISLAM:
Feel free to copy and use.


Saturday, June 3rd, 2017


Friday, June 2nd, 2017

Nobody seems to know how to make a simple apology anymore. This orange-haired freak, Kathy Griffin, apologized for the really abusive, outrageous photo she published of her holding a fake blood-covered head of Pres. Trump, only because she realized she could be in trouble for it. I guess she’s not going to be arrested because now she’s blaming her victim for her crime.

But so many people are like that, that you’d expect to have way more professionalism. This morning I went to my local health clinic to get my statin prescription renewed and had to see the doctor. The last time I was there, I gave up and left after waiting a full two hours to see her. So this time she commented that it’s been a long time since I’ve been in and I told her why, because of that 2 hour wait. Instead of apologizing, she got all pissy and told me that I would just have to wait, that the long waits are their computer’s fault. No shit, she actually said that. But no apology, no “Yes, that’s way too long and I’m sorry it happened” or something. Just basically told me I’d have the same problem at any other clinic.

That’s not true and I told her that my wait time at other clinics has never been more than a half hour or less. That really pissed her off, and she sounded like Hillary Clinton, claiming that it was “Company policy” and nothing she could do about it. When I suggested that if people were going to have to wait for 2 hours, then why not set their appointments for 2 hours later, she gave me the computer story again.

I mean, hey, she’s a DOCTOR, for Christ’s sakes, she doesn’t care how long people have to wait on her precious ass? Time to find a new doctor and hopefully one that not too arrogant to offer a simple, polite apology when it’s right to do so.


Thursday, June 1st, 2017

That rude attempt to intimidate our president by that jackass Frenchy, Macron, with a crusher handshake is going to have him wringing his hands in despair before this story is done.

After withdrawing from the Paris Accord because of the very disadvantageous position it put the U.S. in, Pres. Trump offered to rejoin the accord, if a better, fairer deal for us could be negotiated. The immediate response from Italy, France, and Germany was a total rejection of any new negotiation and a statement that they prefer to have the United States remain out of the Accord.

Good! Of course they don’t want us back in under fair and equal terms, the whole idea behind Obama stuffing us into that deal was to impoverish us by crushing our ability to manufacture goods, which would enrich them. They don’t want fair terms, and now that I see his point, I understand why Pres. Trump offered to re-negotiate. It makes him look good and them look bad, and he knew they’d say no to a deal that was fair to us.

The only people upset about our departure from the Accord are mostly the Useful Idiots, like the Hollywood Libtards with big opinions and no clues, and the Globalists. The only serious money in this dogfight are the Solar and Wind power people, who stand to see their businesses lose out as cheap coal and oil take over again. They can cry “Global Warming Disaster” all they want, but as long as Donald Trump is President, the Global Warming farce is dead in the water.