Big item in the morning news is that Republican Rep. Scalise was shot by a sniper during a practice game with other republicans. The sniper was shot and wounded by Rep. Scalise’s security detail, and stated that he wanted to kill as many Republicans as possible.

Okay, reality check. This hate-filled shooter is a Democrat. Plainly. He was driven to try and kill Republicans by what? BY THE HATE BEING SPREAD IN THE LIBERAL/SOCIALIST MSM.

NOW IS THE TIME for President Trump and the Republican majority Congress to pass laws against spreading hate in the media and to enforce the laws we have now that cover inciting harm against members of government.

Now is the time to SHUT DOWN all the hate and bile spewing from the MSM by locking up anyone who does it. There are limits to Freedom of Speech, there always have been. We can’t use that freedom to cause harm, IT’S AGAINST THE LAW.

I hope our people in the White House recognize this opportunity and jump all over it.


  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    Alex Jones:
    Anti-American Globalist Elite Must SURRENDER or be DESTROYED

    Crony Capitalists must DIE


    Displays of killing hate against Donald Trump