Otto Warmbier, the U.S. college student arrested, tried and imprisoned in North Korea for more than a year, and who is now in a coma, landed in his hometown of Cincinnati Tuesday night and he was rushed to a hospital for urgent medical treatment. He was thrown into a N. Korea prison for taking a piece of paper off of his hotel room wall, as a souvenir, and severely beaten. While the N. Koreans are plainly lying, the most likely cause of his being in a coma literally for the past year is that he has brain damage from the beating.

If ever there was a reason to inspire public outrage against North Korea, enough outrage to sanction blowing them up from one end to the other, this is the reason. Now is the time to strike, and if we hurry we can take out that faggot asshole Dennis Rodman while he’s still over there, too. Now’s our chance to rid the world of some serious scum.

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