This is not a fad. It’s a deliberate, concerted and organized effort that’s not just national but international, to spread hatred toward President Trump and everyone and everything associated with President Trump.

The woman so-called comedian with the bloody head resembling Pres. Trump, the Shakespeare play depicting Pres. Trumps murder, the endless stream of vile, threatening hate speech and open threats against Pres. Trump and the White House, added to the verbal abuse and threats coming from some of the leaders of European nations that we used to call our allies, people we fought and died for, to protect them from German Nazi domination… This is not some sort of fad. This is plainly part of a deliberate plan. It’s just gotten too obvious not to see it for what it is.

I may be getting off-center here with my view of events, but some things just aren’t adding up. This Special Prosecutor, Meuller, clearly a Democrat operative, who is seeking to investigate everyone in the White House and cause as much obstruction as possible, can be fired by Pres. Trump at will, yet Trump does nothing. All the threats of violence against him and others are highly prosecutable offenses, and arresting these people would do a great deal to stifle the spread of hateful threats and rhetoric, yet he does nothing, and by doing nothing, the unrest in our nation grows, the anger spreads, the divisions increase.

The Left is taking full advantage of this lack of action against them to push harder than ever. The spewing of hatred, the threats, are steadily rising, and now some whacko has gone over the edge and shot a bunch of Republican politicians who were playing a baseball game. Has this woken up the Left to the danger of their behavior? In a way, yes, because they seem thrilled by this attack and have raised the level of hate speech even higher. Top Democrat politicians are cheering the attack and the only thing Pres. Trump has done to address it is to offer his condolences to the families and denounce the act in a speech.

What the hell? Does he want us to have another civil war? Is he waiting for the violence to get so widespread and out of hand that he can declare Martial Law, as the only way to effect the radical change that we need? There’s hints and clues I’ve been getting, nothing I can nail down, point to and say HERE, this proves it, but the feeling is growing. There’s a lot more to this than just political bickering, it’s too heavy, too widespread, too obviously contrived, controlled and orchestrated. This is a plot.

Donald Trump does not need this job. He does it for One Dollar a year and people need to remember that. He’s not a politician and he really doesn’t give a crap about the Republican Party, either. He took the Presidency to do a complete reset of America after Obama and the Globalists efforts to destroy our sovereignty as a nation. That’s his goal and that should be kept in mind at all times, and I do.

Which is why I start wondering when he doesn’t take certain obvious steps to stifle the Democrats and Globalists efforts, to arrest, prosecute and imprison the worst offenders, but instead just lets them run amok and continue to escalate their efforts to incite violence. It should make anyone wonder.

A bit back I posted “A Guessing Game” about the possible associations of a number of world events, and this may well be tied into them. I also refer you to this article on Breitbart, “Virgil, A Climate Of Violence”, that also is looking at possible civil war, and why.

6 Responses to “FEEDING THE FIRE”

  1. Black Sheep says:

    I think the Democrat party is destroying itself with all the hate attacks. Most people in this country aren’t buying it. Over half of us voted for Donald Trump, unless you believe the Democrats that all those illegal alien and dead people votes actually count.

  2. Dominick Efrim says:

    Thank you Ernesto.