Over in Africa, the population is really growing throughout the whole continent, with the result that there’s more rich people and more poor people. In Nigeria, they expect 11 million more people to slip into poverty this year because of population growth. At the same time, there’s a widespread demolition of shanty towns going on to make room for new development, which is making hundreds of thousands of people homeless and making poverty worse.

The same thing is going on in Myanmar as people are forced off land that the government wants to develop. Likewise in Brazil and other countries. The world is running out of suitable living space for humans and governments want to get rid of the shacks and build high-rise apartments and shopping centers, to hold more people and generate more tax revenue.

For governments large and small, more people is good because that means more money, higher government wages and bigger government with more power over people. But for the people themselves, it means less living space, more poverty, more taxes, more oppression.

Even while the effort to cram more people into less space continues, a hundred different factions are all trying to dominate each other. Governments, political groups, gender groups, sexual preference groups, religious groups, cults, corporations, Internet dominance companies and more, all trying to rise to the peak of power, all doing battle in some way with all the others.

Meanwhile, our world ocean is becoming steadily depleted of fish to feed our steadily increasing population, and the farming of the ocean’s species is taking over the catching of wild fish as the market price of wild fish soars. Soon all the poor people will eat only farmed fish and only the wealthy elite will be able to afford real ocean fish. It wasn’t long ago that no one ever called ocean fish “Wild caught” but we do now, which tells you by itself that the fish are disappearing.

The quality of our food is steadily worsening as mass-producing farm methods develop and expand. For a long time now, chickens and cattle have been mass produced. The meat quality is worsening but it’s edible and people born today don’t know what good chicken and beef is really supposed to taste like.

What I see in the future for Mankind is a swarming mass of us covering the Earth, all of us living in poverty except for the well guarded Elite, who live in total luxury, and the only thing that finally ends this evolutionary disaster is a massive calamity, an extinction event like an asteroid strike, an unstoppable plague, the onset of an ice age, something in that order. By the time that happens, the only animals left, outside of some insects, will be cloned specimens in a few zoos because we’ll have taken over all the livable habitat.

So what the world needs now, or very soon, is some huge event to happen that focuses everyone’s minds on it. My personal preference is a polar shift. That’s when the Earth’s crust slips on its molten, liquid core. The North and South poles stay where they are in reference to the core but not to the crust, and in a short period of a few hours, the North Pole may end up where Hawaii is now, or something like that. Suddenly, the whole planet would be in complete turmoil because of one single event that had everyone’s attention. Everything would change.

You’re welcome for that cheerful little story, and you have a wonderful day, okay?

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