Obesity is on the rise worldwide. If you look at pictures of people on TV, anywhere, many of them are overweight. This wasn’t always the case and in fact, fat people were very much in the minority not too long ago. But now it’s common. Wonder why?

It’s because both vegetable and animal fat are much easier to grow or produce than protein. Take any farm animal, pigs are a good example, and feed them lean, protein rich food while giving them a lot of room to move around in, and their meat will be low fat and high protein. The problem with this is that as those pigs move around a lot, they burn off the fat as energy. A lot of that food they’re fed gets turned into energy, and that lowers the profit.

This is why pigs and chickens and other small meat animals are kept penned up with no room to move and fed cheap, low protein feed. Because they’re sold by weight, not by meat quality or protein levels. The cheaper it is to produce them and the fatter they are, the more profit there is to be made.

The same is true for grain and vegetables that are now engineered to have high starch and oil contents, and less actual food value. If your food isn’t supplying the nutrients your body needs, then your body wants to eat more, to get those nutrients.

The end result is that people are eating too much and getting lots of fats and starches but not enough nutrients, and the world is suffering from an obesity epidemic as the result.

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