The newly elected French president, Emmanuel Macron, the same person who engaged in that bizarrely aggressive and obnoxious handshake with Pres. Trump, where Macron did his best to crush Pres. Trumps hand in as hard a grip as he could muster, and still crows about doing it, is rapidly gathering the reins of power to himself in a steady takeover of the French National Assembly.

Their National Assembly is their Congress, essentially. It’s the people who vote on new laws, and Macron is looking to dominate the National Assembly. That’s exactly what Adolf Hitler did to consolidate his power before launching his share of the Second World War.

It takes a person with an unbalanced mind to try to crush the hand of the American President, for no other reason than as an idiotic and infantile act of egomania, of childish one-upmanship. Emmanuel Macron wants to be the new leader of Europe and I predict that he’s going to end up causing a huge amount of trouble in his desire for power.

Once people like him get in the position he’s in now, they never stop. Emmanuel Macron would be Dictator Of The Universe if he could, and he’s going to push for as much as he can get. Watch out for this guy, he’s trouble.

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