UNITED NATIONS – China’s U.N. ambassador warned Monday that further escalation of already high tensions with North Korea risks getting out of control, “and the consequences would be disastrous.”

Are you laughing yet? You will be…

Liu Jieyi expressed hope the US will be submissive and support China’s three-part plan: Go back to negotiating, negotiating and negotiating, and that the most important thing “is “suspension for suspension,” where North Korea halts nuclear and missile testing and the United States and South Korea stop military exercises.”

Right. North Korea stops their illegal nuclear and missile testing, which is against the treaty they made, in exchange for us and the South Koreans not conducting any more legal military exercises to prepare for attack from North Korea. Yeah, sure, uh huh. And the N. Koreans will keep their word. Right.

What the Chinese are really saying here is that they have no intention of reining in their rabid N. Korean dog and want us to stop preparing to rein them in ourselves, because in reality, the Chinese do consider North Korea to belong to them but refuse to admit it. That way they pretend to not be responsible for what their puppet does.

Trump and Company aren’t buying it and are steadily increasing the pressure on China to squash N. Korea for real. At the same time, Trump’s bringing back more and more of our manufacturing from China, making us less reliant on them for our goods. This is alarming hell out of China because they’ve become heavily reliant on us for our money. One of the biggest reasons for us to get along well with Russia is so we can start trading with them for their rare earths and other materials, instead of China.

China is going to have to face the fact that they either control North Korea or we will. If we do, it will be bloody and by force, with a lot of destruction and hordes of North Koreans flooding over their border with China and Russia to escape the carnage. This is what the Chinese are mostly complaining about, but the truth is that they don’t much care if their population is increased by a few million. They just really don’t want to lose the big pain in the ass they created against South Korea and us. They have plans for N. Korea to nuke us while they claim innocence, and we have plans to prevent that.

If the Chinese won’t quell N. Korea, we will. Period.

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  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    Theodore Monroe:

    “good insight! I see it the same way Russia and China have North Korea up front to see how far we can be push if they are annihilated well they can sit bacl and say we warn that little fat fuck.”