There are tens of thousands of non-Jewish Africans in Israel now who have migrated there to escape poverty and almost all of them are there illegally.
The Israelis have been trying to find a reasonably humane way to deal with all these illegal aliens for at least a decade now, and may have finally hit on the answer.

Of course, their solution doesn’t make the illegals happy but it just may work. What they’ve done is pass a law requiring 20% of the wages of all those who have jobs, to be put into a fund that they can only access when they leave Israel, and their employers have to add an amount equal to 16% of their wages to that.

In other words, this makes it harder for them to pay their living expenses if they’re working and harder to find a job if they’re not, because employers won’t want to hire people they have to pay an extra 16% to. Annnnd, …. employers will start looking for local citizens, such as young high school graduates who are also Jewish citizens, to fill those jobs instead because the employers won’t have to pay the extra 16% for them.

We need to do something like that to get rid of the illegal aliens we have here, because eventually all those Africans WILL leave Israel. Every month, 36% of their monthly wage is added to a fund. In 3 months, there is over a month’s wages sitting in that fund. At the end of a year, there’s 4 months wages. After 3 years, they could leave Israel and have an entire year’s wages in their pocket to start life over again somewhere else. That’s going to be hard to resist.

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