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Thursday, July 6th, 2017

Something I’ve never gotten any understanding on, is why we fought the Russians and Chinese in North Korea. Why should we care about that little tiny, relatively speaking, peninsula of land that at the time was a dirt-poor nation? Plainly, China was out to make Korea part of China and wanted the lower half along with the already-Communist upper half, but we went over there and spent a huge fortune and many American lives to prevent this from happening, and there never was a final victory, only a truce with a Demilitarized Zone, or DMZ, separating the two halves.

Now today we have a radical North Korea, still sponsored and encouraged by China, threatening us with a nuclear attack, and the South Korean government persistently refusing to help us stop the North.

Why won’t they help? The word I have is that the current S. Korean president is a Communist himself in some ways, because he’s a Liberal, and to me, being a Liberal is the very next thing to being a Communist. In any case, he wants us to continue talking to the North instead of doing something about them, while they continue to be more and more a danger to us.

Back when we were embroiled in the Korean War, Syngman Rhee was the South’s president and a staunch anti-communist, and Communism was the big bad political bogeyman at that time, so I suppose we were obligated to support him. But things have changed over the decades, and it looks like time to stop being concerned about the desires of the South Korean government and become more concerned about our own needs instead.

The North threatens to launch tens of thousands of missiles into the South if we attack them, and I’m sure they will unless we can do one Big Time Shock And Awe attack and wipe out the bulk of their artillery and rockets right off before destroying their ICBM and nuclear development.

The real enemy is China in all this. North Korea couldn’t exist without Chinese support, and it’s China that we really need to deal with, and harshly, if we want an end to the Kim regime and it’s threat.


Thursday, July 6th, 2017

I do love saying “I told you so” to those who keep calling Russia our enemy. In truth, all nations are our enemies, just as they’re all the enemies of each other, because we all compete against each other. We compete in sports arenas, economically and often also on battlefields, all trying to gain an advantageous position.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the U.S. is ready to work with Russia to stabilize war-torn Syria.

In a statement released Wednesday, Tillerson said those efforts could include establishing no fly zones, and coordinated delivery of humanitarian aid. He also said if the two countries work to establish stability, it will lay a foundation for Syria’s political future.

President Trump is expected to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the G-20 summit in Germany, and the Syrian conflict will be discussed between the two leaders.

While our Liberal media continues to spout lies about “Russian hacking” and “Election interference”, and doing all it can to stir up trouble between the Russians and us, Pres. Trump hasn’t said a single word against Russia or Vlad Putin. Just the opposite, he’s steadfastly maintained that we can have a good working relationship with Putin’s Russia, and if I’m to make a choice who to trust, it certainly isn’t the Liberal media.

I’ve said before that Pres. Trump is secretly working with Putin on the Syria problem, that the “gas attack” and our missile response were propaganda to shut the MSM up. I think the phony actions and phony responses will continue until it becomes plain that we and Russia are working side by side to achieve the same goals, and the media no longer has an excuse to badmouth Russia without making themselves look bad.

There will always be competition between the Russians and us. In some ways we’ll always be enemies, but we’ve been acting like good friends for decades now, with our space programs and the Space Station. We and the Russians have taken turns flying each other’s people up to that orbiting island for a long time. When we shut down our aging space shuttles, we rode with the Russians. Even with SpaceX now taking our people up, we still take up supplies for the Russians.

If we can join together in something as technical and Classified as our space programs, we can sure as hell get along economically as well as dealing with Islamic terrorism.