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Saturday, July 8th, 2017

During the Korean War, we were shooting down Russian Mig jet fighter planes and battling Chinese soldiers on the ground. We were fighting both Russia and China, and the poor Korean civilians were doing a lot of the dying.

The war never officially ended, it was only put on “Pause”, and now we may have to fight it again.

Personally, I’d much rather see us go to war with China. We’ll have to someday anyway, and if we had India and Russia on our side, China would lose for sure. At the least, we will have to attack North Korea and sure as hell the Chinese will pour in soldiers and aid.

That won’t be all, either. They’ll use our involvement there to start fights with others, probably the Philippines, Japan, and other smaller countries and island nations less able to defend themselves. The big question is who ends up siding with who. Now that Russia isn’t Communist anymore, would they still fight alongside the Chinese? Would they stay neutral? Would India seize this golden opportunity to help crush China? China is no friend of India anymore than she is to the rest of her neighbors.

One thing is for sure, our old allies that we saved from the Germans in World Wars One and Two will never help us, and let’s remember that we freed China from the Japanese as well, and see now how they reward us for that. Little Taiwan is where all the grateful Chinese fled to when their government turned Communist. Out of all of China, they alone stayed our allies and the Chinese Mainland Communists have never stopped pushing for possession of Taiwan.

Right now, Pres. Trump is rebuilding old alliances that have been going to rot, and while the NATO nations are Number One, he’s also working to make Russia an ally. He may succeed, and nothing would shake China more than to have Russia join the NATO alliance. Hell, it would shake the world. Keep in mind that during WWII, all those Eastern Europe nations were either overrun by the Germans or part of the Soviet Union and didn’t finally become free of the Communists until Pres. Reagan broke the USSR.

So they were never our allies. They weren’t anyone’s allies. They were just little conquered nations who hated their conquerors. They love us still in Eastern Europe. Even so, those long years of being Soviet satellites left it’s mark and there’s a lot of connection between them and the Balkan nations and Russia, emotionally and historically.

It’s that, that makes me think that Russia could be swayed to leave the last vestiges of Communism and dreams of world domination behind and join NATO, and be our new partner. It could happen. Talk about shifting the balance of power in the world!!!