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Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

Today the news is all about Donald Trump Jr. having met with a Russian attorney before the election, the story being that he was expecting some information on Hitlery Clinton that would benefit his father in the election.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Politicians are always looking for dirt on each other, for an advantage in the polls.

But… the Democrats and Globalists are trying to make this look sinister, saying that it’s “treason” and that Donald Jr. “colluded” with Russia to change the election results.

These people just refuse to quit. Their hypocrisy is boundless. Personally, for me, I’d be happy to join some militia and start shooting the ring leaders in the defense of our nation, because I’m totally burned out on reading this crap. Fox News even has a long article today accusing Donald Jr. of “colluding”. It’s enough to make me stop reading any of this so-called “news” because it’s all utter bullshit and offends my intelligence.

I quit reading Breitbart because it’s all click bait now, with inflammatory headlines and negative articles all designed to inspire rage and outrage. Who the hell needs that?