Every once in a while I leave a comment on the New York Times blog, and make sure the little box is checked that says I will be notified if my comment is posted. This is because they moderate the blog comments and it’s a funny thing, but I’ve never gotten an email saying that my comment was posted.

Another funny thing is that every single comment that is posted is full of hate and bitterness at Pres. Trump or someone that he approves of. There’s not one single favorable comment about him.

Considering that this is a news outlet that should be open to all points of view, I find that to be very odd, very biased, and honestly, very treasonous. In fact, if I were President I’d have them all arrested and tried for treason, and executed by firing squad right after a very brief trial in which they would all be found guilty by my order.

That bunch of Communists should be damned glad that Donald Trump is President instead of me. They really should.

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