Included in our military spending budget for 2018 is more money for more Navy ships, soldiers and aircraft, and big increases in missiles and missile technology. This is a direct reaction to China’s recent push to expand it’s own navy. China is dramatically reducing the size of it’s army, since the reality is that the only nations they could attack with it are Russia and India, and both of those nations wouldn’t hesitate to retaliate with nuclear weapons and wipe out their army in a flash and probably take a lot of China’s cities along with them.

So the Chinese are building up their long-range capabilities instead, with one goal, to attack the United States. This is why they’ve been building military bases on top of the sunken coral reefs in the China Sea, so they can attack and block all sea traffic through that area. We know it and the world knows it.

This is why President Trump is trying to win over the Russians and why the Globalists here are fighting his efforts and vilifying Russia. They want China to take over, they don’t want Russia siding with us against China, and the Russians may not be very interested in doing that anyway. But the problem for the Russians is that if they side with China, they’ll be China’s next victims after we go down, and they know it. Staying neutral ultimately isn’t an option.

Logically then, all the anti-Russia noise, from the Republican side at least, is just diversionary while we work together to plan our mutual defense. Meanwhile the Russians continue the usual “provocations” of flying aircraft and sailing naval vessels near our territory, and we keep doing likewise with them, to keep up the appearance that we’re not allied against China. I don’t know if that’s actually keeping the Chinese guessing or not, but it’s worth the try.

I know how this is going to go, though. We’re not going to have a choice, we have to attack North Korea before they launch a nuke at us, so then China can “defend it’s ally” and attack us in a way that we can match, exceed or ignore. This is why Pres. Trump is trying so hard to force China to stop. North Korea is a slave state of China, it’s actions are China’s actions and it’s attack on us will be an attack on us by China. The whole world knows this.

But the Chinese refuse to stop, they want war with us because they want to conquer us. If China can take down the United States, they can then go on to take over and enslave the world, or at least that’s their plan. We’re either going to have to forcefully shut down North Korea, or we’re going to have to directly confront China, and time is rapidly running out.

Even if Russia and India do come in on our side, it won’t be in a hurry. They’re going to sit and watch, and see how we do, first, before they consider getting involved, and will only help us if it becomes clear that we need help. Personally I doubt if any nation will side with us until they also feel threatened by China, with the possible exception of Australia and maybe not even them.

The world needs to wake up in a hurry though. The Islamist efforts to take over are going to seem like mosquito attacks once the Chinese start moving in.

5 Responses to “WAR WITH CHINA”

  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    Rebecca A. McMurry aka: ‘crow’ girl:

    Excellent response. Thanks for taking the time to explain. You have helped me understand the feeling I have had for awhile but could not explain it. Something big is on the horizon. The surface distractions are just that distractions to keep us from focusing on the real issue(s).

    Question: China owns a lot of US property and real estate. Wouldn’t this WWIII affect China’s economy and collapse our’s?

    • Black Sheep says:

      The Chinese have to assume they’ll win or they wouldn’t try, and the whole point of building their economy to where it is, is to enable them to wage war. They aren’t concerned about their economy because they care about their citizens, Mao Tse Tung orchestrated the murder of at least 45 million Chinese. The current rulers of China are following strict Communist doctrine. They’re goal is world domination. Once they think they have all they need, war is the next step.

  2. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    The best answer I can wonder is: Communists are not normal eople; they think by “DIALETICS”; so, they bet TWO OPPOSITIVE consequences at the same time — and they hope to take advantage at anyone. So, the China rulers believes they can KEEP their US property and real estat in any circunstances (winnning or losing a WWIII.)