India has tacitly been our ally for decades. One way to tell who our government trusts the most is to see what countries our corporations outsource with, and nothing is more familiar on the telephone when we seek technical assistance on some product we bought, than that New Delhi accent.

Here’s some interesting figures: Our trade with India in 2016 was about $68 billion, with a deficit of $24 billion, meaning we bought $24 billion more from them than they did from us. This benefits India. Us, not so much.
We’re India’s Second-Largest trade partner, with China their first largest at a few $billion more.

Now look at this:
List of the largest trading partners of the United States
Rank Country/District Exports and Imports in $Billions
China — $579 billion traded with a $347 billion deficit.
Canada — $545 billion traded with a $11 billion deficit.
Mexico — $525 billion traded with a $63 billion deficit.
Japan — $196 billion traded with a $69 billion deficit.
Germany — $164 billion traded with a $65 billion deficit
E U in total, about $800 billion in trade with a $147 billion deficit.

You see how little trade India does compared to other nations? Now, what if India did as much trade with us as China does now, while China’s trade with us went down to the little bit that India’s currently doing?

Our trade with China is costing us far more than we make. We have a deficit with almost every nation, but China is far and away the worst for us and they’re our worst enemy.

So think what would happen if India became more prosperous, if we started moving our manufacturing there and taking it out of China. India is rapidly backing away from China’s aggressiveness and turning more to the United States.

Look for new trade deals with India while sanctions are increased on trade with China. This is going to happen. While Russia sits on every neighboring fence, trying to play everyone against each other, India is going to come much more over to our side.

Everyone goes where the money is. For India, that’s not China, it’s us and the EU nations. India has gained virtually nothing for it’s past cooperation with China except less belligerence, it hasn’t really profited by it. Neither has it profited from having Russia as a neighbor and in fact both of them prefer to see India stay poor and be less of a potential threat. But with China loading up Pakistan, India’s enemy, with lots of armament and helping them improve their missile capability, India has to get serious about who they team up with as China continues to become more aggressive.

We are India’s best bet, with the EU coming in second. So watch for joint military and naval exercises with them and possibly our NATO allies, and probably soon. I expect to see us selling large amounts of high technology armament to them, jet planes and missiles, soon, and oboy, will China ever howl about that. Things are heating up.

How long we continue to remain friends with Pakistan and Turkey is in doubt as well. We were allies with Italy until they joined up with Hitler’s Nazis. Things change. As for Russia, they’ve been cozying up with China quite a bit too and they need to stop playing around and take a stand one way or another or they may end up getting nuked by both sides.

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