Yes, it’s TRUE. I’ve been BANNED ON BREITBART’S BLOG. I’m too honest, I speak the truth about so-called trans-sexuals, homosexuals and religion, though I’m pretty sure it was my statements about that flaming queen Milo that did it.

Breitbart’s been steadily leaning Leftward in spite of appearances. They don’t print regular news stories, instead it’s all political or politically oriented, and they’ve become more Pro-Christian oriented, so my comments about unprovable religious superstitions and fat homosexual priests don’t make them happy.

Well, I’ve been saying that Breitbart news has become more and more just a Clickbait website, and it has, so it’s no loss, and the truth is that it’s as jammed up with Liberal Soros-type trolls as Fox News is. At least Fox prints actual news along with the political events of the day. Breitbart flatly does not.

Fortunately, there’s forums on the Internet like this one, Newsbleat, where people can speak their minds. The only comments I ever delete are the total bullshit ones usually left by some illegal alien claiming that “Mexican” is a race, tho I have expunged a few Muslim rants as well. It doesn’t matter what you say here or even how much you cuss, as long as you’re being honest and not pushing some lying agenda.

Freedom of Speech is practiced here and honesty matters. Say anything you like, except for what you know to be a lie. If you want to tell a pack of lies, write a book and get it published or become a politician.

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