Remember, there was a collision off Japan between a freighter and a US Navy destroyer, in clear weather. A slow moving freighter and a fighting ship that has a wide variety of very advanced detection and communication equipment collided under extremely suspicious circumstances.

The Japanese have now concluded their investigation of the freighter involved and have reached NO CONCLUSION as to why this happened, and have released the ship and it’s crew. The US Navy has never offered even a hint as to how this could possibly have happened, and if they ever do, I guarantee it will be a lie.

There’s only one possible way that a monster container ship, 3 times the size of that destroyer, and the destroyer could run into each other at night, and that would be if all the electronics aboard the destroyer were disabled.

The freighter changed course that put it on a collision path with the destroyer shortly before they collided, so that was a deliberate act. The ship belongs to the Japanese even tho it’s registered under a different flag. It’s cargo manifest misrepresented the actual cargo. That’s a deliberate act.

This was a test. A test of some new technology that has an EMP effect, by our Navy. It was within the last year that a Russian jet flew over one of our Navy ships and totally disabled the electronics on that ship, so it looks like we’ve figured out how to do this ourselves now. The difference is that some of our sailors got killed in testing this, and I find that appalling.


  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    ROTTEN inciddent.

    That STINKS.