Senator Sessions seemed like a good pick to me for Attorney General, both because of his legal knowledge and experience and the fact that he’s considered a Conservative.

What I didn’t know, and Pres. Trump maybe should have been more aware of, is that Sessions is also a Senate loyalist. I think this might be why he hasn’t done anything to rid the White House of it’s leakers and hasn’t prosecuted one single person. Of course, he also recused himself from that phony Russian investigation instead of slapping it down. He not only isn’t doing any part of his assigned job, he’s actually interfering with it.

Because of his loyalty to his fellow Senate members, he’s doing what they want him to do instead of doing what he’s supposed to do. He needs to be replaced, and if he won’t resign then he should be fired.

Who hasn’t noticed that every time one of these two-faced bastards faces removal, both the Democrats and the Republicans start screaming that it would be A DISASTER, THE END OF THE TRUMP PRESIDENCY and blah blah blah. They’re trying to scare Pres. Trump into keeping these turds so they can continue to block his agenda and so far, Comey being a good example, it hasn’t worked.

My bet says that since Sessions has already stated his intent to stay on, that Pres. Trump will fire his ass.


  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    Trump continues to nominate ENEMIES and virtual TRAITORS to key posts. The CIA director threatens to OPEN WAR on Wikileaks, which is an important point of support for the president, and the new presidential spokesman, Scaramucci, is a declared CLINTONIST. That’s the same Bushist illusion of “national union”.

    (Olavo de Carvalho, Political Scientist)