The sun is shining, the birds are singing, butterflies flit about, it’s a great day as I read the latest news that our Great President Donald J. Trump has announced that TRANSGENDERS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO SERVE IN OUR MILITARY IN ANY CAPACITY, totally reversing Black Obastards directives to turn our military into an insane mess of boy-girls and girl-boys. HOOGODDAMNFUCKINGRAH!!! Thank you, thank you, President Trump!!!

AND another fine thing is that Jeff Sessions has decided to knuckle under and do his goddam job if he doesn’t want to be disgraced by being fired.
Here’s what happened. You won’t read this in any news site, so just trust me here. Sessions, as I’ve pointed out before, is a Senate loyalist. Not a party loyalist, there’s a difference. He’s been a Senator for decades and is loyal to all those other guys a lot more than he is to us, the people. So when Pres. Trump threatened to fire him, his Senate buddies all threatened Pres. Trump with all sorts of crap if he did fire him. Pres. Trump said Go ahead, fellas, he either performs or is fired, too bad if you don’t like it, you’re not bossing me around.

So then Sessions had a choice. He could either do his damn job or get fired, because all the power of the Senate wasn’t enough to prevent that. Not with this President, and since Jeff Sessions didn’t want to bear the disgrace of being fired, he’s decided to at least do some of his job.

How much of it, and how well, we’ll see, but Pres. Trump is famous for firing people who don’t perform up to his expectations, and he has high expectations. This little drama isn’t over yet. You watch.

4 Responses to “WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY”

  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    He killed the snake and showed the dick for everyone to know that the US military should be FEAR, not laughing.

    Anyone with more than 2 neurons knows very well that NOBODY is afraid of a bunch of transvestites.

  2. Ernesto Ribeiro says:


    “He killed the snake and showed the WOOD.”

    “Jeff Sessions has decided to knuckle under and do his goddam job”

    OK. but WHAT JOB?

  3. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    President Donald Trump is M.A.G.A. More Every Day!

    Show to Everyone this AWESOME MUSIC VIDEO Displaying TRUMP TOTAL RESULTS in 6 Months? of Victories and Accomplishments.


  4. Black Sheep says:

    Yeah, that a decent video, people should be looking at that instead of the fake Russia “news”.