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Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Going through the channel selector on my TV remote, I hit the CNN cable news a couple times and both times it was about “Global Warming” and how Earth is in big trouble, with Al Gore yapping away on the subject.

What? No Trump and Russia collusion news? No constant harping on investigating Pres. Trump for some sort of Russian connections?

Maybe it was Putin booting out some 500-600 of our diplomats and staff that finally pushed that bullshit news story over the edge of the cliff, or maybe it was Congress passing a big sanctions bill against Russia, and Putin’s response. I don’t know, maybe it was kicking out Reince Priebus and putting in a Marine general as Chief of Staff. But when you turn on CNN and see Al Gore telling us that Global Warming is endangering all of humanity again, that same tired old shit that no one believes except the tinfoil hat wearing few, then you know that even CNN is tiring of that stupid Russia story.

After all, the bottom line is ratings. You can’t keep saying the same thing all day, every day, and expect people to keep coming back for more, and they had to find something else to get people to watch. But Al Gore and Global Warming? Really? That’s hilarious.