Breitbart news banned me for insisting on pointing out that Milo Yiannopolis approves of sex with 13-year-old boys. Fox News blogs are completely taken over now by Soros-style Liberal trolls, while Fox prints stories that more and more, are slanted to the Left.

So now what? What’s left is the oleo, the smorgasbord of news sites on Drudge Report, where we can take a sample of everything and probably get little to no real truth there, either.

I have to conclude that all of the primary media sources are being swallowed up by Globalists with the obvious purpose of becoming one huge Big Brother Voice for the world. The Globalist’s agenda is to create a single world government that enslaves all of humanity and treats us like ants in a hive. Democracy has no place in it, freedom has no place in it, and in all honesty, I can see sense in their purpose.

The human population continues to grow and it’s already completely out of hand. No one wants to admit that, that the Earth is overrun with humans already and getting worse, even though the evidence is everywhere. All anyone has to do is look at the condition of this planet in photos taken 100 years ago and look at it today to see the massive destruction we’ve wrought, the mass extinctions of species, the enormous loss of habitat, all the creatures on Endangered lists, the vast garbage pits swirling in the ocean, the huge declines in both populations and health of all the different fish. And on, and on.

Something has to be done to contain us, since we abuse the freedom so badly that our ascendancy over all the other creatures has given us, and treat our planet like a garbage dump. Socialism isn’t the answer though. Socialism is a proven failure. As for that, Man’s ability to govern himself in any of the known ways is also a failure and the only real solution is a drastic limitation of our numbers.

A one-world government won’t work for us because we don’t know how to run one and it would collapse in corruption the same as all our other various governments do. What we desperately need is less of us.

3 Responses to “THE LAST ONE IS GONE”

  1. x says:

    “Socialism is a proven failure … the only real solution is a drastic limitation of our numbers” Agree with that.

    Positive nationalism is the best option, where a nation is defined as far as possible by those with a common viewpoint and does not interfere in the affairs of others. The lefties all equate nationalism with 12 years in Germany and ignore the fact that most conflicts are between those of different views in close proximity.

  2. Black Sheep says:

    I don’t quite see how positive nationalism is going to reduce the population unless you’re assuming that I have an understanding of something, but whatever that may be, eludes me. I don’t think there’s actually ANY option for reducing our numbers that’s within humanity’s grasp. We could do various things but in reality we won’t do any of them.

    It’s left up to Nature, I’m afraid, to reduce us to a manageable number, and more likely the old dame will just wipe us out entirely. If you want an “option”, that would be us decimating ourselves through chemical, biological or nuclear warfare. That’s humanity’s “option”. Not one we’re likely to pursue just to solve the overpopulation problem.

  3. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s conviction for “contempt of court” – an accusation that failed to find a single witness – is an unspeakable shame, a clear attempt to cover up what he found out about Obama’s false documents. If Trump does not intervene to stop this scandal, he will lose a lot of support.

    (Olavo de Carvalho, political scientist)