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Friday, August 4th, 2017

Last night during Pres. Trump’s rally in West Virginia, the governor of that state, Jim Justice, announced that he was leaving the Democrat Party and becoming a Republican, saying that he could no longer help his state as a Democrat.

I’m wondering if there isn’t a deeper trend here that the MSM doesn’t dare tell us about. The vast majority of Americans are NOT Socialists and certainly not Globalists. Most Americans don’t even know what Globalism is or understand much about Socialism other than that it means the government controls health care and maybe some other things.

What the majority of Americans do get is that Socialism is kind of like Communism, which they’re against, and that the Democrat Party is for Socialism. Since most of us are uninterested in politics and ignore most of what goes on, those of us who are Democrats continue to be Democrats as long as they feel comfortable with it because Democrats are Liberals. To most American Democrats, being a Liberal means caring about people and animals and practicing kindness and charity. It’s pretty simple and basic.

However, the behavior of Democrat leaders has become embarrassing for Americans generally, while the Republicans represented by Pres. Trump are doing great things to help and improve our nation and our economy. This has to be resulting in a lot of people switching their party affiliation to Republican. If enough do before the mid-term elections in 2018, we may see our Congress become overwhelmingly a Republican majority.

This would be a great thing for the Trump presidency, as we would finally have enough true Conservative votes to override all those god damned RINOs and start passing needed legislation at last.