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Sunday, August 6th, 2017

Lena Dunham, television actress and violently inane and retarded Liberal jackass, has given the world a new word, “transphobic”. At least, this is the first time I’ve heard of it, from her unsubstantiated and imaginary story about overhearing two airline flight attendants dissing teenage Gender Dysphoria victims as being “gross”.

Transsexualism is a mental illness. This is established fact and it’s real name is Gender Dysphoria, meaning confusion over one’s gender. Sexual perversions generally are forms of mental illness. It’s because Liberalism is also a mental illness that the Left approves of sexual perversions and considers Gender Dysphoria to be normal.

Phobia is Latin for fear. It means fear and nothing else. Most people are disgusted by sexual perversions, and many are afraid of being attacked or molested by a sexual pervert. Normal people are afraid of having any of their children grow up to be homosexual, but they aren’t afraid of homosexuals or of their children if they do become homosexual. Calling people Phobic because they’re repelled by disgusting and perverted behavior is a tool of the Left to try to force us into accepting the unacceptable by calling us cowards if we don’t accept perversions.

We have Freedom of Speech in this country like nowhere else on Earth. Even Canada has speech limits we don’t have, and you can be imprisoned or sued, or both, in the UK and many Euro states if you say the wrong things. But not here. What our society does lack, however, are social penalties for lying.

The airline that Dunham lied about can sue her for libel and should, but that by itself will do nothing to stop dishonesty. We need some sort of national social consciousness redirection that shames us if we make up lies. Some outstanding public example that everyone becomes aware of, to reset our thinking.

I think this will have to come from our entertainment industry, from Hollywood, and the only way to make Hollywood promote the concept of personal honesty is if the public rejects everything about them that isn’t. When costly movies fall flat at the box office because of their Leftard actors or the Left Wing theme of the movie, when the profit from pushing Leftist agendas dries up, Hollywood will change or else. When perverts, liars and cheaters are constantly and publicly shamed instead of being lionized, people will change their behavior more toward the good.

This used to be the function of Christianity in our country. Atheists were social pariahs and Christians were expected to be good and do good. People who did bad things were “unChristian” and told to “repent”. But Christianity has fallen on it’s own sword of self-righteousness and bigotry. The Christian concept of Manifest Destiny, where Man has dominion over the Earth and therefor can freely slaughter all the other animals while God approves, has died in the face of reality. Too many extinctions and too much pollution killed Manifest Destiny, the backbone of Christianity, along with too much arrogance.

That’s why Hollywood and the MSM has replaced God. People want something to believe in, and if the religions are phony, like Scientology cults and protected pedophile priests, then people turn to actors and newscasters for the “truth”.

Honesty used to be highly valued in America, and it needs to be again if America is truly going to be Great Again. A nation of liars and perverts isn’t going anywhere except down.