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Thursday, August 10th, 2017

A high desert is one at high elevation, way up above sea level. Like the Mohave and Colorado Deserts in California. The Mohave averages 5000 feet elevation while the Colorado is from 1000 to 10,000 feet elevation.

Desert Hot Springs is in the Colorado Desert but at only 1000 feet or so elevation. I’m very familiar with the town as my mother and grandmother and I all used to own property there. I had 2.5 acres there as well as a city lot. Too bad I didn’t keep it as that land is worth about $1 Million today. Ah well.

Anyway, Desert Hot Springs went bankrupt once in 2007 and nearly did it again in 2014, but they decided to vote on making the cultivation of marijuana legal and 70% of the population voted YES.

Well, OF COURSE THEY DID! 70% of the population is MEXICANS, ILLEGAL ALIENS. But California gave them all drivers licenses and that’s all the identification they need to vote illegally. Non-citizens aren’t allowed to vote in America, but they do in California anyway.

So now there’s huge buildings that have gone up where huge indoor crops of marijuana are being steadily harvested and millions of dollars are being invested and being made, and lots of people are expecting to get massively wealthy selling pot for $2000, $3000, $4000 a pound. You know what? I think these people are all going to lose their asses financially.

With the legalization of marijuana in California, anyone who wants to can grow it and possess it. Ever heard of Garden Clubs? Every small town has one and every city has a dozen of them, where mostly old women get together and trade rose plants and so forth. Don’t you KNOW that there’s going to be way more Pot Clubs where people trade seeds and clones and the stuff they grow with each other? With no money at all changing hands, just like the Garden Clubs?

How long do you think it will take before there’s so much top grade pot virtually everywhere that the price drops to almost ZERO?

A couple days ago I noticed a skinny little pot plant growing in my neighbors yard near their propane tank. They may not even know it’s there. It doesn’t matter. They had a big crop in their back yard last year and didn’t even bother to grow one this year, yet I know they smoke it like chimneys. Why? No doubt because all their friends have plenty to give away anyway so why bother to grow their own? See what I mean?

As many people as there are who smoke it, not everyone does, and those who do don’t smoke it like cigarets unless they’re on welfare because you can’t stay stoned and work, anymore than you can stay drunk and work. So there’s a very definite limit on how much you can sell and with everyone else growing it in their backyards, closets and balconies, why would anyone even pay for it anymore? Because here’s the funniest part. While pot “dispensaries” can still sell it, it’s illegal for private citizens to. BUT YOU CAN GIVE IT AWAY. Bango! A whole new barter system is born!

Pandora’s Pot Box has been opened and there’s no closing it now.