My neighbor has something like 25 or so big pot plants in his back yard in violation of Calif. growing laws, which currently allow 12 plants in this county for medical purposes. Of course, he grows it for the money like everyone else and sells it to private dealers and, maybe, medical pot dispensaries. The pot dispensaries are all a bunch of crooks in my estimation, and a pack of liars as well, who will tell you your product is nearly worthless and offer you a tiny sum for all your hard work and expense.

Most all the Med. pot seller’s shops are in seedy, poor areas for two reasons, one is that the cheap bastards don’t want to pay a higher rent for a nice place, and the other is that most landlords refuse to rent to them because of the crappy clientele they attract.

IN THE MEANTIME, and for the past few years at least, that I know of, people here in my area have been buying up acreage out where the water is cheap, planning to plant huge pot crops as soon as it’s legal to do so, which it soon will be now. So while all those acres here go into marijuana production, the same will be happening to at least another million acres in California, even as 2 or 3 million people just in Los Angeles alone start growing their allowed 6 plants per person for recreational use. Many of them will be growing indoors to keep their neighbors from stealing it.

VERY SOON NOW, there will be tons and tons and tons of high grade marijuana available to pretty much anyone, anywhere in the state, AND IN THE MEANTIME, pressure is mounting to shut down the Medical Marijuana Dispensaries because Counties and the State both want to collect TAXES on the sale of pot, and the dispensaries cheat like hell on that because most of them only take cash, which they don’t have to report the way they do credit sales and bank deposits.

There’s going to be so much pot for sale that the price is going to drop down to almost nothing. It’s SUPPLY AND DEMAND that drives the price of desired consumer goods. Back when really top grade pot was selling for %4000 a pound right here in sunny California, there were constant arrests for growing it and lots of people were going to prison. The supply was low because of that, so the demand was high.

Now what happens, when the same quality pot is growing in everyone’s back yard, basement, attic, spare bedroom, closet, and being farmed all over the state?

Legalizing marijuana is great for pot smokers, but it’s the end of a way of life for the mountain Mom & Pop pot farmers, and all those people who are pouring money into pot farm futures now are going to lose their collective ass, but good.

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