The single biggest issue confronting the human race right now is not nuclear war. It’s not politics in any form, or some new disease or the threat of an asteroid striking the planet.

It’s the fact that Earth is being visited and has been visited by other races from other planets circling other stars, and they’ve been coming here for thousands of years that we know of, and possibly much longer than that.

The evidence, the proof, is absolutely undeniable. More and more testimony is coming to light from our astronauts who went to the Moon. They’re telling what they saw, buildings and other space craft. We have photographs released by Russian and Chinese cosmonauts showing a wide variety of installations on our Moon. We have tens of thousands of photographs of them in the sky, millions of witnesses, our jet fighters were even knocked out of the sky over Wash. DC after going after some UFOs that showed up on radar.

People don’t want to accept that alien races are here, it scares them. These are the same emotional cowards who actually believe that they have souls, that they come back to life again after death and live forever in some wonderful, forever happy paradise. If that isn’t completely stupid, nothing is, but that’s the level of fear in most of us. Reality is just too frightening.

What this is ultimately going to mean to the human race, I have no idea. Maybe they all have an agreement to keep their hands off and just watch us, but if that’s so, what about the shooting down, or however they did it, of our aircraft? What about all the documented abductions? What about them showing themselves to us so much? Some of them, at least, don’t seem to care at all whether we see their craft or not.

There’s more than one alien race here, and at least one interferes with us whenever they want to.

I can’t help thinking that they’re doing more than just watching us and taking a few samples once in a while for testing. Meanwhile, I keep seeing all the political bullshit going on, the threats and counter-threats, the blustering and missile-waving, and I just think, What the fuck is wrong with you jackasses that you can’t all get together in peace and work together? Why the constant King Of The Mountain bullshit?

And you know that those others here watching us are wondering exactly the same thing.

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