When a young tree starts growing beside a large boulder, and expands in size, it starts pushing against that boulder. If the tree can grow large enough it will eventually push the boulder over. Steady pressure does the job.

This is what China does. Steadily put pressure against it’s neighbors, pressing against them constantly, forcing them back into smaller and smaller areas, invading with little roots here and there, taking little bits of land, small pieces of area, but over a long time, until finally the neighbor is gone and it’s all China.

The nation of China is like a cancer, the metaphor holds true in every respect. China is aggressive, evil and ugly in it’s intent to dominate the Earth, and while their state of North Korea has everyone’s attention, they’re attempting to cut off a vast area of India’s territory from that nation by building a road from China into Bhutan, directly to a relatively narrow “chicken neck”, as it’s called, stretch of land that separates the Eastern part of India from the rest of that nation.

The purpose of this road building attempt is to be able to transport Chinese troops to the very edge of that “chicken neck” so that the Chinese could then cut off mainland India from it’s Eastern states and take them over. India’s responded by sending troops and it’s own earth-moving equipment to the area to block the Chinese effort, and now China is making angry noises and threats of violence in an effort to have their way. As usual.

The problem with China’s Constant Pressure method is that people aren’t boulders, and sometimes the earth can shift and the boulder can fall over onto the tree and crush it instead. What must eventually happen is that one of the nations that China is pushing against will push back violently, with guns and bombs, and once this happens, all the other nations that China has been oppressing will see their chance and they too will start responding with guns and bombs. Then China will be fighting wars on all sides, and as soon as that happens, Russia, India, the USA, the Philippines, Japan, will all take advantage of this and strike at China economically as well as militarily. It’s bound to happen. China is setting up their own destruction, but not without a lot of harm to all the rest of the world, and knowing that is the only thing that’s prevented war from breaking out so far.

We’re approaching the limit on all this because there’s another metaphor here about pressure, and that’s if you put too much of it inside a sealed object, that object will explode, and national borders are just like sealed objects.

The next big war will be caused by China and it may be a nuclear one. I don’t put anything past the Chinese in their effort to dominate. Exactly where the first retaliation against them will erupt is anyone’s guess, considering all the different places that they’re shoving their way into, but it’s going to happen if they don’t reverse course.

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