I never realized how racist Native Americans are until I started going by a local Native American cultural center. I kept getting mixed reactions from the people there, the same persons who would act friendly to me often had no friendship in their eyes.

That and my “friendship”, if you can call it that, with a local silver craftsman who claimed to be Indian but wasn’t a member of any tribe, got me to looking into the nature of Indian tribes and their relationships with each other and the rest of us, and it’s been a very enlightening study.

Native Americans are very exclusionary, and I mean very. They’re like the Japanese with all their social distinctions, except with Native Americans it’s about racial ancestry instead of social ancestry. For instance, one of their jokes is, “what do you call 64 Cherokees in a tent?” The answer is “A full-blood”. The joke is that an awful lot of people with only a small bit of Cherokee ancestry joined the tribe to get a share of the oil money, and it points out that Indians make a very big deal out of how much native ancestry they have.

I looked into the practice of adopting non-natives into tribes, and found that they generally never do. In fact, if you marry a tribe member you won’t become a member and if your children don’t have the required amount of “native blood”, they won’t be allowed to join the tribe either. That’s pretty racist. It’s more than that, it’s petty, selfish and arrogant, and the more I learned about these attitudes the less I’m interested in helping out the “natives”.

The histories of the peoples who lived here before Europeans came and conquered them is fascinating reading, but these people were neolithic. Stone Age. Some of the tribes grew into cities of as many as 40,000 people, or so I read, but they didn’t use the wheel and their metallurgy was limited to hammering out pieces of natural gold and copper, with rocks. That’s not much to brag about.

So they can pretend that 1/8 native ancestry makes them Indian somehow, but it doesn’t, and living on a reservation is like living in a trailer park full of drunks and meth addicts in most cases, and they can have it. Personally, I’m real happy to be of Cro Magnon descent, we’re the people who went from chipping rocks to creating great civilizations. If the Indians are happy weaving baskets and making pottery and think they’re keeping something great and wonderful alive that represents their stone-age past, that’s their problem.

I think they’re just hanging onto their bitterness at defeat. A much more advanced people with far superior technology came here and nearly wiped them out. Exactly the same way they attacked other tribes and villages of Indians and wiped them out. That’s what humans do. Blame everyone else for their own failings and deny their own guilt.

Their history belongs in museums, and their reservation lands should be sold off to condominium developers. It’s time to join the rest of us.


  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    hhmmmmm… very unvealing on them, indeed. I’m surprised.