In a radical departure from my usual radical rants on radical politics, I will now talk about TUBES.

Carbon nanotubes have been found to exclude salt from salt water. If you make a tube with the correct diameter, water molecules can pass through it but salt molecules, being larger, cannot. Simple, eh? This same, obvious principle can be applied for other liquids as well as gases. Nano tube sieves can be made to separate gases according to molecule size. What a gas, huh?

So devices can be made to turn seawater into fresh water without having to convert it to steam and condense the steam, and deal with tons of various salts and chemicals left behind. This is one more possible future way to meet the world’s increasing fresh water shortage. Of course, another and much more effective way would be to get rid of about half of us humans and keep us at that number. No one wants to consider that, however. Anyway…

Nanotubes are proving to have all sorts of uses. Hollow tubes can be much stronger than solid bars of the same material, structurally. Nanotubes are already used for injecting ova and various critters on a microscopic level, like a hypodermic. Graphene nanotubes could be used to create radar pulses on a previously unattainably high frequency level. I wonder what energy pulses would do that are .4 nanometers in wavelength, shot out of a single atom width walled graphene waveguide? Or a max. intensity laser beam of that width? It would be sharper than the finest obsidian blade. Talk about slicing up a cake of cheese instantly, Hooboy. Of course, the cuts would be so fine that the cheese would probably flow back together and heal itself but…. there’s other applications.

Well, I was going to title this “Speak Through The Tube” but thought better of it.

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