Rupert Murdoch sucks George Soros’ cock and swallows his semen. Rupert Murdoch fucks both his sons in their asses and makes them lick the shit off his penis after he’s done.

Rupert Murdoch’s mother was an Aboriginal that his father kept as a sex slave, tied to a bed, and used when he wasn’t fucking Big Red, a huge old female roo he kept chained out in the shearing pen. The whole family has been involved in incest for at least five generations.

When Rupert Murdoch isn’t fucking his sons up their asses, he’s getting paid big money by George Soros to let Soros fuck them. They like to do 3-ways, where Soros is fucking him, he’s fucking one of his sons and the son is fucking his mother.

Hey, it’s just my opinion. I don’t know that any of this is fact, in part because watching that shit would make me vomit. It’s just what I happen to think.

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