I know I keep harping on this, I do because no one else seems to be, and they should. There’s too many people. While all the news in the USA is about the devastation caused by a major storm dumping rain on a known flood plain that people have built on by the millions regardless of the fact that it IS a flood plain, and subject to FLOODING, small notice is given to India and Bangladesh, which used to be part of India the same as Pakistan was before the Muslimes ripped them off.

The monsoon season is in full swing there and flooding is everywhere. Much of Bangladesh is a flood plain and unsuited for anything to live on it except tigers and snakes, but poor people who’s only affordable entertainment is having sex and making more poor people, swarm all over it because no one else wants it, and are now being rained out and drowned out.

This happens every year, but some years are a lot worse than others. Wikipedia gives varying counts of the yearly monsoon deaths, all of which are suspect. The claim of flood deaths for 1988 vary from 1500 to 2600, but at the time, it was reported that tens of thousands had died.

Then we have New Orleans, which is all below sea level and a flood plain and where people have been living for about 300 years now, and we know what happens in New Orleans. In fact they’re worried that the Houston storm may do it to them again as it moves their way.

The REASON that people rebuild on flood plains after suffering catastrophic floods that result in huge losses and many deaths, is because someone else has already taken over the best and safest places to live that are nearby. We would all live near sources of fresh water, abundant food and good climate if we could, which is why all those places are packed with people now and why the growing majority of us end up living in all the marginal and dangerous places.

So personally, I have no sympathy for myself or any other human when it comes to being a victim of a natural disaster. I did my part, I fathered three children, one son and one daughter by my first marriage and one daughter by my second. Three parents, three children, and that was on purpose. No more after that because I saw 50 years ago that we were overpopulating. Statistically, if everyone did that, the human population would decline because of the death rate.

The more of us there are, the less we get along with each other, and a continuing increase in our population isn’t sustainable. Eventually, if our numbers aren’t reduced through war, famine and disease, we will outstrip the ability of the planet to feed us and by then there will be no other animals except humans. It would be interesting to live long enough to see what happens, but that’s not likely to be very much fun.

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