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Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

“Oh, the ice caps are melting, the tide is rushing in,
All the world is drowning, to wash away our sins.”
A cute little song sung by Tiny Tim.

The story is that the South Pole ice cap is melting, actually. I’m don’t know if that’s true and really don’t care either way, but the story is also that the North Pole ice cap is growing thicker and larger, too.
So ON AVERAGE, the temperature of Earth is probably staying pretty constant.
HOWEVER, it’s not staying constant everywhere. It’s very possible that some areas are getting warmer and maybe a lot warmer. The hotter it gets out on the ocean, the bigger the storms get because more heat generates more wind, and we now have Hurricane Irma being called the most massive and deadly hurricane ever recorded. Ever. Right behind a hurricane that brought record flooding to Texas.

Hurricane Irma is expected to pretty much wipe out the state of Florida, which actually might not be a bad deal if it gets rid of all the fire ants and alligators. But it won’t. What it will do is remove a few hundred thousand boats that will end up littering the ocean bottom, uproot tens of thousands of trees and give roofers and carpenters all the work they can handle for the next 3 years. Oh, and kill at least 500 people, most of them black, because the blacks won’t want to leave for fear their homes will be looted. The reality is that a lot of them will be trying to do the looting and getting killed by the storm instead. Or should I say, the hope is that they will.

But anyway…. This storm is just a symptom of change. Yes, climates do change. Sometimes the changes are cyclical and sometimes they’re permanent. Not all deserts were always deserts, a lot of them used to be swamps, and the only time dramatic changes in climate are disasters is when humans are the critters getting disastered. Otherwise, Mother Nature takes it all in stride.

“Disasters” are part of living on a planet, just par for the course.

There’s over 7 billion of us now, so if some weather event were to kill off a couple billion, I wouldn’t personally consider that to be a disaster. If it killed off all but a few thousand, now THAT would be a human disaster. It’s all relative. Like if it killed me, for instance. That would be a truly epic disaster.