No one except me, apparently.
North Korea is China’s vassal. China owns and directs Kim Jong Un, aids and abets their outrageous behavior and provides the physical means in the form of food and oil and other materials for that little puppet regime to continue antagonizing the United States.

That they’ve been shooting their rockets right over Japan is no mistake, the Chinese hate the Japanese. Nothing will ever make them forgive what the Japs did to China in World War 2. If this were just Kim acting alone, his provocative missile shots would be over South Korea. But the Chinese tell him where to aim them and that’s what he obediently does. China owns North Korea, North Korea for all practical purposes IS China.

So now the question. Why is China deliberately pushing us to attack North Korea? If they didn’t want us to, they wouldn’t be threatening us with nuclear war. What’s in it for them? How do the Chinese benefit if we attack North Korea?

I don’t know what the Chinese leaders have in mind but there are a few obvious things. One is that the Chinese don’t want the North Koreans sneaking into China. They’re equivalent to illegal aliens Mexicans, they cause problems. An attack on N. Korea would kill off a lot of them. But, they can do that themselves, they don’t need us to control the population.

North Korea is the result of Communist China’s attempt in the 1950’s to take over the entire Korean peninsula, but we fought them to a standstill and both sides agreed to split the country in half. China got the North half. Maybe they just are still mad at us 60 years later??? If we attacked N.K., I bet the Chinese army would swarm in and do their damndest to bog us down in another endless war. That may be the real purpose of this, simply to weaken us, to drain us of resources.

The White House knows the truth, whatever it is, and Pres. Trump knows that the only real way to deal with N. Korea is to go after China, and that’s both what he’s going to do and has been doing.

I can’t help wondering what the real reason is that China’s pulling this crap. Maybe I got it right here but it doesn’t feel to me that I did. I bet there’s more, a lot more.

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