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Monday, October 16th, 2017

Marijuana laws are a mess. In California now, anyone can grow all the stuff they want and no one cares anymore, while in other states you can go to jail for just a small amount. If it’s going to be legal in some states it should be legal in all of them. The problem is that states have the right to legalize it even though the Fed. Government also has the right to arrest and prosecute possession of it.

What needs to happen here is not for the Federal Govt. to legalize it, but for them to simply take those laws off the books and take a neutral stand, and let the states work it out as they see fit.

The mindless liberal jackasses running this state passed a “immigrants rights and sanctuary bill” last month designed to protect “immigrants rights”. The problem is that it doesn’t, it protects illegal aliens and harms the rights of actual, legally defined immigrants. The aforesaid jackasses persist in calling people who sneak in here illegally, “immigrants”, which is a gross insult to all those who’ve come to this country legally, to become citizens here. The mostly Hispanic scum coming here in violation of our laws are the same scum who form gangs, do the drive-by shootings, the rapes and child rapes and murders and assaults and mayhem and suck up $billions in welfare and the cost of police and courts and jails and prisons… The harm this filth is doing to our nation is incredible, the diseases they spread that we’d wiped out, the huge negative impact on our national health and economy… And those JACKASSES in Sacramento call them immigrants and vote to protect them. They should be given fair trials for crimes against humanity and then shot.