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Thursday, October 19th, 2017

Now that the dust has settled on the Mandalay Bay Resort Casino massacre of 58 people, what hasn’t been told and what’s been kept from us is as revealing as if they’d gone ahead and told us the truth from the start, that this was a Muslim terror attack carried out by 3 shooters.

We know it was 3 shooters, the proof is undeniable, because nearly everyone there had an Iphone and there are multiple videos of gunfire flashes coming from the 3rd floor and one above that, besides the known attack from the 32nd floor.

This is being covered up as a terror attack for several good reasons, the first being to keep the American people from being afraid to attend future crowded venues, and the second is to keep the Muslims from gaining a single inch of advantage or publicity.

Meanwhile, as the blanket of secrecy continues to lay over it all, our government agencies involved in this investigation are combing the Earth for clues and information, and I’m betting that those behind it will end up either permanently disappearing or at the business end of a missile. Our people aren’t telling us anything because they don’t want to give away anything to the attackers. That’s SOP.