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Monday, October 23rd, 2017

The Chinese have surged ahead of the USA in Teleportation.
Yes. I said Teleportation. They already have a quantum satellite up and have established quantum communications between cities.

What QUANTUM really means, is quantum mathematics/electronics/mechanics/theory, and when the word is applied to communication and communication satellites, it means INSTANTANEOUS. With quantum communication, anything that happens in one place will happen at the same exact time in some other designated place. Quantum communications cannot be hacked by any known means.

The Chinese are also developing a quantum COMPUTER. Such a computer will be almost infinitely, and I use that word deliberately, faster than the fastest computer on the planet today. A quantum computer doesn’t examine possibilities one by one. It looks at all of them instantly, at the same time.

It is quantum computing that will enable one nation to conquer all the others, because that one nation that has quantum computing when the others don’t will be able to make exactly the right move every time with the least possible injury to itself, each time, and the greatest possible injury to the enemy. A quantum computer can hack every other computer on the planet almost instantly. Virtually all the military secrets of every nation would be instantly known.

So plainly, the nation that first has quantum computing will be the nation that rules the Earth. Period.

It’s not all bad. Quantum computers will at last give us anti-gravitational space flight and the ability to travel through wormholes from star system to star system. I think that actual stargates are possible, where we can travel instantly from planet to planet, anywhere we set up a transfer point, or “gate”.

I also think that humanity must eventually adhere to some form of communistic, ant-colony-like political/governmental structure similar to what the Chinese are evolving into, and that it’s most likely the Chinese who will become the ultimate victors.

Democracy is wonderful when a nation is undeveloped, as ours was, but when the population increases as dramatically as ours has and all the frontiers are long ago conquered, governments such as ours inevitably become corrupt. Pres. Trump is trying to reverse this corruption and take us back to a true democracy again, but I think it’s a losing battle. Most of humanity seems to be feeling the urge to merge into one governmental form, that’s why we have such a rise of Globalism. The feeling of change and a need for change is behind all the craziness, where we have parents claiming their little 5 year olds are having gender identity crises, and people getting themselves surgically mutilated to look like the opposite sex, or like snakes, or cats, or Barbie Dolls. Humanity is evolving and the Chinese presently are leading the way. See it for what it is.