If you attend an Islamic “church”, aka mosque, regardless of which sect you belong to, someone of another Islamic sect may decided to blow up your church and everyone in it. Or shoot everyone, or just go in with a bunch of guys with knives and stab and behead everyone.

If you attend a Christian church, aka temple, regardless of which sect you belong to, someone of another Christian sect may decide to go in and shoot everyone dead.

In Texas today, an Irishman did just that to the members of a Baptist church. I’ll assume the Irishman was a Catholic and out to rid the planet of those filthy apostates. Of course, he could also have been just another Left Winger with a bunch of guns who wants to convince the rest of us that guns are bad instead of insane assholes like himself. It is a major push of the Left to take away our guns, and has been long before Mickey Mouse began committing bestial acts with Pluto. Or was that just an ugly rumor? Anyway, they do, they hate the Second Amendment and want desperately to disarm us so we can’t fight back when they go to take over our country… in their dreams.

BUT TO ME the bottom line in all these church slaughters and mosque slaughters is that if you’re not superstitious and don’t subscribe to worshiping spirits and believing that dead people come back to life and stuff like that, then your odds of living a long life are not only considerably improved over the Devout, but you also save tons of money otherwise given out in tithes and paid for in travel costs. Oh yeah, and in hospital and funeral expenses.

3 Responses to “SO? HELP ME? GOD?”

  1. x says:

    Religion is crap but other beliefs, like communism, can be just as bad. I’d bring up everyone to be engineers. Facts and practicality are the only sensible basis for anything.

    • Ernesto Ribeiro says:

      Religion is crap, communism is crap, nazism is crap, human species is crap.

      I’m done with all that assholes.

      * * *

      BTW : is this Trump News REAL?

      “The mass arrests of globalist Arab potentates were undoubtedly a significant victory for President Donald J. Trump.”

  2. Black Sheep says:

    There’s been a lot of arrests of Saudi princes, seems that there’s plenty of princes over there, and arrests of other highly connected people, by the Crown Prince. But, the general belief is that he’s just consolidating his power.

    If they are all Globalists and this has something to do with Pres. Trump, that’s news to me.