Right up until 2008, things were going along well with racial differences. The NAACP’s divisive voice had quieted considerably as blacks found themselves merging more and more with the rest of society, and finding more and more acceptance as a direct result of their own decreasing racism.

The “White Guilt” ploy had worked pretty well to get those of other races to be more accepting of blacks and offer more equal treatment. There was some backlash, but not much and it died out as black racism itself died out. Generally, America was finally becoming free of racism on all sides.

Then Barack Obama was elected and began promoting racial division and hatred in a big way, even to using taxpayer money to fund racist Negro groups like Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers, and invited Al Sharpton and other hateful racists to the White House and celebrated them. He launched a hate campaign against the police of America, aimed particularly at white police, that’s resulted in the murders of a number of police officers, mostly white, and the murders are still happening.

The reality is that black Americans would be serving themselves best if they were to join with white people in the effort to stop the influx of Mexicans and other Hispanics, and reverse it. Blacks become the tools of the Globalists when they fall for the “Hate Whitey” doctrine. The Globalists, Barack Obama among them, want to tear down America, to destroy it as a great power, and they seek to destroy the country from within. Black crime, riots and dissension serve only that purpose and do so to the harm of black people more than anyone.

Blacks are only 12 or 13 percent of our population, while Whites make up 77%. The more Blacks show racial hatred toward whites, the less jobs they’ll be able to find, the greater their poverty will be, the more of them will turn to crime, the more they’ll end up in prison, gaining nothing, losing everything, by succumbing to the hateful words of the Globalists with Judas goats like Al Sharpton leading them to their slaughter.

This, while illegals, mostly Mexicans, swarm in and take the jobs that many of us had, including many blacks, while they spread the use of heroin, to mostly blacks, and commit heinous crimes on blacks to drive them out of areas the Latinos want to make their own exclusive turf. Latinos/Hispanics don’t like Americans of any color and they especially don’t seem to like black ones.

Racism is as normal as any other form of discrimination among humans, but hatred is not. It’s one thing to prefer the company of those who look and think like oneself and another entirely to hate those who don’t. American blacks would be smart to stop being suckers for the Globalists and join with the rest of us against the illegal aliens from the South.

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