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Friday, December 15th, 2017

Ride that reindeer

Ho ho etc. Merry Christmas and stuff. I just got through chasing 3 tramps off the front porch of the house across the street, who were sitting at the little table set out there by the owners and having a fine time laughing and joking, right up until I shone a flashlight in their eyes and told them that they should leave before the sheriff gets there, because I’m about to call him.

I walked away and when I looked back they were hightailing it down the road. The last thing we need in this neighborhood is to allow these bums to take over someone’s unoccupied home and start stealing everything in the neighborhood to sell for food, because otherwise that’s what would happen.

Earlier, at the shop, I saw a couple of these scum pull the damaged flag holder out of the ground in front of my landlord’s antique store, and ran out and took it back from them. These sons of bitches take anything they can get their hands on. I said it was damaged because some other one of these assholes had stomped it until they’d bent it over flat to the ground.

There’s a goddam plague of homeless bums around here this winter. The local sheriff’s substation deputies did a sweep-out program last month, but the bastards are plainly back again. I wish Santa would take them all up in his sleigh to about 10,000 feet, and then shove them out. Ho ho ho.

If these people were truly victims of a bad economy and were honestly looking for work, that would be great, I’d sympathize and give them some help. But they’re not, they’re bad people and parasites who bring crime and harm, and my Christmas Wish is that they all get to spend this Christmas and the entire winter in some nice, warm, cozy jail, far away from here.