There is a banner I put put in front of my shop, by the street, every morning. It says “CRAFTS” in great big yellow letters, on a very bright red background that’s over 2 feet wide. The banner is 12 FEET TALL. It gets attention.

The banner flies alongside a large sign mounted on a steel pole, that says

in Bright Red letters on a white background. You can’t miss it.

In the front window of my shop hangs a 7-foot long, 2 foot wide sign with Bright Orange letters on a very brightly colored background, that says CREATIVE CRAFTS. The entire sign has a trim of bright, flashing LEDs around it’s edge.

SO. This morning a young lady with a little blonde-haired boy was going back to her car, which she’d parked directly in front of my store, in order to go to a shop 4 doors down. Her little boy ran into the open door of my store so she went in after him to get him back, and the first thing she said when she went inside was to exclaim “OH, IT’S A CRAFT STORE”. Jesus goddam christ. No shit, lady.

2 Responses to “OH! AM I ON FIRE?”

  1. Ernesto Ribeiro says:

    …and since my early childhood, I Always believed that ALL the AMERICANS are SMART PEOPLE…

    Damn it!

    You broke my best beliefs!

  2. Black Sheep says:

    At first I was stunned by her inability to read the signs, but my neighbor said that, possibly, she couldn’t read. Pretty much everyone in this country can read just fine, even the ghetto blacks of Chicago can read at least a little, but some few of us are unable to learn to. She may be one of these. Who knows?